Home workout: four simple exercises for a strong back

Press, pinch and pull: back pain is particularly uncomfortable.

Exercise is supposed to help with back pain, but if done incorrectly, a workout can further aggravate symptoms.

If you want to strengthen your back, then you should definitely pay attention to a conscientious and correct procedure.

In her new exercise video, our trainer LeaLight provides valuable advice for everyone who is not sure how to properly train their back.

In just seven minutes, the fitness trainer shows you how to properly train your back muscles, very easily from the comfort of your home.

Four exercises for a strong back

If you regularly integrate this training into your training plan, back pain, tension and the like will soon be a thing of the past.

You don’t even have to go to the gym for this, you can easily do the exercises at home; Other than a yoga mat or similar pad, you don’t need any equipment.

1. Good morning

For the first exercise, first stand tall on your surface, bend your knees slightly, and bend your upper body forward; your back should be straight and your eyes should be one meter in front of you on the floor.

Position your arms at a 90-degree angle away from your body. In the next step, he bends his body down to the lowest point: the position of his arms and legs does not change.

Then you stand up and return to the starting position: imagine that you want to jump off a ski slope and maintain this position. Also make sure your body weight is on your heels.

Finally, repeat the execution with small impulses: take the strength for this from your lumbar spine.

Finally, let your body and arms gently roll down and then slowly straighten vertebra by vertebra.

2. Arm and leg raises

For this exercise, get on all fours: place your hands just below your shoulders and point your toes up.

Now bring your right leg back and your left arm diagonally forward: tense your stomach.

Now bring your knees and elbows together so they touch in the middle of your body and then start stretching again; You can repeat this exercise at your own pace.

But don’t forget to switch sides after you’ve briefly released the tension and taken a deep breath. Finally, bring your butt back onto your heels and come into child’s pose, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

3. superman

For this exercise, lie on your stomach: raise your toes, look directly at the surface, and bring your arms away from your body at a 90-degree angle.

Now squeeze your thighs and buttocks and lift your upper body; make sure that the force does not come from the shoulders or neck, but from the back.

After the last run, hold your upper body at its highest point and bring your arms back, lower your hands, bring your shoulders back as far as possible, and repeat the exercise with small pulses.

Finally, lie down and relax and enjoy the relaxation.

4. Superman Crunch

Lie on your stomach and raise your toes again – the muscles of the buttocks and thighs are tense, and the arms are back at a 90-degree angle at the level of the ears next to the head.

Now turn your upper body to one side and lift it up with a crunch, then move your body to the other side and repeat the crunch.

Finally, lie down relaxed and take a deep breath in and out before finishing the workout.


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