If you like HIIT, you should try EMOM

If you already enjoy this type of training, you should try EMOM. The abbreviation means something like “every minute by minute” and inspires more and more fitness fans.

You have to earn your break

Similar to the original HIIT, this type of training involves challenging your body with many different stimuli in close succession.

“You can choose an exercise for a specific number of repetitions per minute or do different exercises,” certified trainer Ali Greenman told POPSUGAR.

“When the minute starts, you start doing the exercise. Once you’ve completed the set number of reps, you can rest for the rest of the minute before starting the new minute.”

The ‘trap’ here: If you can’t do the number of reps in a minute, you can’t take a break and go straight to the next exercise.

So you have to prepare your breaks to relax, if that’s not motivation!

The fight against the clock

With EMOM, good power distribution is important. As long as you can get your heart rate up and also benefit from rest time, you have a perfect HIIT workout.

“A well-planned EMOM should give you about 20 seconds to recover each minute,” says Greenman.

“It may be easier to start with a little more rest at the beginning. But the longer the training lasts, the more difficult it will feel.”

This effort will definitely keep your heart rate up.

If you’re wondering what’s supposed to be fun, give it a try! Fighting against the clock makes training exciting and challenges your fighting spirit.

Full workout or sharp finisher

The expert recommends doing EMOM once or twice a week. If you want to do the workout more often, make sure you have enough rest days between units so your body can regenerate.

Do you prefer extensive strength training with heavy weights? No problem! You can also incorporate EMOM as a crisp five-minute finisher to challenge your stamina.

When creating an EMOM workout, it’s best to combine strength and cardio exercises. Simply choose six exercises, that is, six minutes, which add up to one round.

Then do this several times, resting for a few minutes between each round.

This is what a round would look like without additional equipment:

A team round, like a dumbbell, might look like this:

  • 15 shoulder press squats
  • 50 high knees
  • 20 one-sided rows
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 romanian dead weights
  • 30 jumping jacks

Customize EMOM to suit your preferences

If you prefer to do EMOM that focuses more on cardio than strength, that’s no problem either.

Just do more exercises like high knees, mountain climbers, and jump squats.

“Another simple example would be to mark a distance of about 50 meters and start a sprint every minute,” Greenman suggests.

It doesn’t matter which exercise you ultimately choose; It is important to choose a number of repetitions with which you feel comfortable.

Do you know your limits and are you ready for a challenge? So let’s get to the bacon!


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