In 10 minutes to be in top shape

Everyone has a few minutes left! No more excuses, because with Pamela Reif’s new HIIT you only need your own body weight and ten minutes of your precious time.

High-intensity interval training is so popular for a reason: because it’s so cheap.

10 minutes of varied bodyweight HIIT

An exercise is solved in 30 seconds and immediately afterwards you can move on to the next one. No breaks, no boredom!

HIIT is all about getting your heart rate up quickly to stimulate your cardiovascular system and metabolism.

This does not necessarily require devices or equipment, which is why Pamela’s training is based solely on body weight.

The exercises target the entire body, which means that many muscle groups have to work at the same time.

jumping jacks

Let’s start with the jumping jacks. Your entire body is directly heated by the rapid movement of your legs and arms.

high knees

Another standard HIIT unit exercise is high knees. The higher you put your legs when running in place, the harder it is.

Squats and lateral jumps

This squat variation has it all. You combine the squat with lateral jumps, which puts a lot of pressure on the muscles of the thighs.

You can put your hands in front of your chest for better balance.

the climbers

Now it’s time for the first time on the ground. Mountain climbing is another standard exercise that’s particularly good for the core, but it’s quick to perform and also gets your heart rate up.

high plank

The quick moves are then followed by a holding exercise for variety. Performed in the hands, this plank variant is called a high plank.

Planks and jumping jacks

Going from the ground to vertical demands a lot from the body and circulation, which is why this exercise is so strenuous.

Jump off the high plank to an upright position and go straight into a jumping jack and lower back to the floor on an armrest.

Jumps and Punches

When standing up again, the extremities have to work again. Arms and legs come out and come together simultaneously.

Use your arms to deliver small, explosive box shots.

high knees

Another round of high fins follows. These 30 seconds will probably seem a bit longer to you than the first high knees.

Jump squat and hold for 3 seconds

As if jump squats weren’t exhausting enough, you also have to hold three seconds in the squat before you can jump into the next one.

The thigh muscles burn and that’s a good thing, because HIIT is superior to pure cardio training because it also works the muscles intensively.

twisted mountain climbers

The sides, the obliques, must also work together. That’s why the hips are turned inward with this mountain climber variation.


Proper full-body tension is essential for any form of push-up.

Tighten your abs, don’t let your back arch, and tense your entire torso.

Giving up is not an option: stay on your knees until the bitter end, it’s only a few minutes.

dolphin hold

Follow the following holding exercise. The body forms an inverted V – head down, buttocks up – and you support yourself on the forearms.

Plank jumps and 3 punches

From the board, jump from a crouch and perform three forward strikes from this position. He then returns to the plank position.

high knees

Since this exercise makes the pulse rate particularly high, it is also used several times in a HIIT like this.

So give it your all again, for the last round of high knees!

Squats and lateral jumps

You already know this exercise. Do you feel the difference with the first lap?

Those who still have power like to take their arms with them when they jump.

jumping jacks

And jumping jacks are also full body demanding, they really work the pump and so can’t be done often enough in high intensity interval training.

Planks and jumping jacks

Combined with planks, jumping jacks become even more intense as they go from the floor to a full-body vertical stretch.

the climbers

Another round of climbers for the torso follows.

high plank

And finally, just one more minute, two more holding exercises: Thirty seconds now can seem really long with a racing heartbeat.

elbow plank

But it is almost finished. Last but not least, the even more intense Elbow Plank. To do this, simply lower yourself onto your forearms and hold them for the last 30 seconds.

Great, that’s all!

For shorter and longer training sessions, visit the FIT FOR FUN YouTube channel and get carried away and inspired by various trainers.


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