In just ten minutes, this ab workout works your lower abs.

With her real-time workouts, fitness influencer MadFit has set herself the goal of inspiring her followers on Instagram and YouTube to be more active and fitter.

In his videos, he introduces sophisticated exercises that keep training from getting boring.

For this workout you only need ten minutes, a soft mat and something to drink, that’s all. No equipment required.

An exercise is always done for 45 seconds and then stopped for 15 seconds. Are you ready?

Lower abs workout for beginners

When training the lower abdominal muscles, you need to pay special attention to many. That’s why the fitness influencer again explains what’s important in the lower abs training YouTube video.

The basic rules are:

  • The abdomen is tense at all times.
  • The lower back is pressed firmly against the mat.
  • The movement is performed using abdominal strength, not momentum.
  • And of course, don’t forget to breathe.

Little preview of the video

If an exercise is too hard or too easy for you, simply change the angle of your legs.

The closer your legs are to the ground, the harder it is to keep your lower back on the mat and the tension in your stomach.

Just try the following five exercises:

and drops

For this exercise, sit on the mat with your torso upright and your legs bent, just over 90 degrees, in the air. You can lean on your forearms.

Now slowly open your legs and lower them to the ground in the same movement. The heels only briefly touch it and then come back up and meet.

If this exercise is too strenuous for you, just keep your thighs closer to your body in the starting position.

reverse crunch

He remains in a supine position. Place your arms outstretched on the mat next to your body. Now bend your legs slightly and use the strength of your lower abdominal muscles to lift them over your head.

To do this, bring your knees very close to your face and lift your back off the ground almost to your shoulders.

Then slowly return to the starting position.

crispy kicks

For the next exercise, get into the crunch position: hands relaxed behind your head, legs bent in the air.

Now bring your straight legs at a sharp angle to the ground and bring them straight back to the bent position.

To do this, pull your knees in toward your body. Be careful not to cramp your neck and only allow the angle to the ground at the extension to be as great as you can hold the tension.

leg pulse L

To do this you sit on the mat, supported by your forearms. One leg is straight, the other is bent, and the knee is close to the body.

Make three small movements up and down with your straight leg. Then you put it on and it’s the other leg’s turn.

Table top touches

Get into plank position. Push your hips up so your body forms a V shape.

Now alternately grab the diagonally opposite foot with one hand and then return to plank position.

There are five more abdominal exercises in the video.

You can find the full length of the MadFit workout on their YouTube channel. Here he not only explains in detail what you should pay attention to when doing it, but also shows you these other five basic exercises:


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