Indoor cycling in Germering: everyone does their best. – Furstenfeldbruck

He pedals to the rhythm of the music, sometimes sitting down, sometimes standing up. And that together in a group on stationary bikes. “I like to hang out with a lot of different people and play sports. That’s what I like the most,” explains Martina Röll, 36. Starting in June she will offer indoor cycling units as a coach for SV Germering. She had given a similar course a few years ago before becoming self-employed.

The coach has been in contact with the club for a long time and in the meantime he has given courses and made substitutions. “I grew up with SVG. We all know each other well,” says Röll. He is now back with his indoor cycling program. This sport is really something for everyone, he explains. “I can take everyone from 16 year old girls to 70+ year old participants on the course.” Since people with different abilities can train at the same time, the offer is aimed at both beginners and experienced drivers.

It is precisely this variety that Röll appreciates: “Everyone can judge for himself how much he achieves.” A client once told him, “I just don’t want to have to think for an hour, just unplug and join.” In general, the offer mainly attracts people who want to do something for their health. People with previous illnesses can also participate in consultation with the doctor and coach.

The indoor cycle is carried out with stationary bicycles in closed areas. Most of the time you drive to the beat of the music and the tempo is set to beats per minute (BPM), a kind of rhythmic cycle. Athletes often check their pulse during this time. It can be varied by installing gradients and intervals. The instructor specifies the mode in which to drive.

Indoor cycling should not be confused with spinning. Indoor cycling is a more specific training for cyclists, which can also be done alone. Spinning stands for the protected brand, in which the main focus is on group training, usually with special spinning bikes. In both variants, the muscles of the legs and the torso in particular are stimulated during the execution.

Martina Röll, who has taken several training courses on the subject, which includes both areas, speaks of her training as a mixture of indoor cycling and spinning. On the one hand she rides the classic way with heart rate control, on the other hand she builds intervals, sections where the pedals are sometimes fast and sometimes slower. But she can also simulate an increase like climbing a mountain by adjusting the resistance. The program is accompanied by music. Here too Röll prefers a mixture of all genres. But she also cares about her clients. “So that there is something for everyone”, as she says. She doesn’t have a favorite, but a song like “Eye of the Tiger” shouldn’t be missing from an indoor cycling workout.

Sport has accompanied the 36-year-old woman all her life. In the field of athletics, meanwhile, she was active as a competitive athlete. So it was not unexpected that she studied sports science at the Technical University of Munich and completed her diploma with a focus on rehabilitation and prevention. Since she also worked as an athletic trainer, among other things, she did her first training as an indoor cycling instructor after her studies.

Really, this should just be a way for your athletes to train on bad weather days. But Röll did not let go of the wheel after that. In between, he worked in outpatient rehab. Today she works as a freelance trainer and in the field of prevention. In coaching, she also deals with issues like pressure and stress.

With more than thirteen years of experience as an indoor cycling instructor, she carried out a first test of her offer for SV Germering with six participants in March this year. After the first test, things should really get going in June. At the moment, ten places are planned for the course, in which you can try it. Starting in September, more courses will be held per week, Vice President Josef Doll announced. “Our goal is to gather up to 40 people.”

Sessions will be held weekly from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. starting June 23. A total of ten hours of course are foreseen. You can register via the website or by email to SV Germering. The price of the course is 50 euros for full members and 110 euros for temporary members. There are no corona measures, an air purification system is installed in the room provided. However, the use of a mask is recommended for short distances.


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