Intensive core training with a focus on the core

In the 10-minute series of exercises, FITBOOK presents effective training sessions in between. The protagonists are people with deep knowledge in their field, including trained coaches and renowned athletes. One of them is physical trainer and former competitive athlete Timo Kirchenberger. In this video, the stomach is trained intensively, without neglecting the opponent – the core muscles.

This 10-minute holistic workout from athletic trainer Timo Kirchenberger focuses on the core of the body: a strong core. The bodyweight exercise expert guides you through a total of ten exercises: an intensive workout for the core and abdomen.

Who is the coach in the video?

Timo Kirchenberger himself was a competitive athlete in track and field for twelve years. He now works as a professional athletic trainer in Berlin. A permanent increase in well-being is his top priority, and he is convinced that maximum efficiency training is an essential lever for this. The Berlin Recycling Volleys, Olympic champion Robert Harting, the national karate team and the Berlin Hockey Club, among others, train according to his philosophy.

What is the idea behind this core abdominal workout?

As a trainer, Timo Kirchenberger is constantly faced with the desire for a flat and well-shaped stomach. However, direct training of the rectus and oblique muscles aimed solely at appearance is not an option for him. From the point of view of the physical trainer, this is not convenient neither from the optical point of view nor from the point of view of health, because the opponent is not sufficiently taken into account: the core muscles. Therefore, this intensive 10-minute workout addresses the entire core area, with a focus on the core.

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How is the training done?

The workout is structured like a demanding interval workout: 50 seconds of effort is followed by a 10-second rest. Just follow the trainer’s instructions. You don’t need any equipment, you just train with your own body weight.

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What muscle groups are strengthened?

The entire torso is trained, with special emphasis on the front, deep and lateral abdominal muscles. “This center of the body has an extremely great influence on the general movement of the human body and the absence of pain and ailments,” explains Kirchenberger. The more stable this game is, the better you will be at your sport, like running, strength training, tennis, etc.

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What should be considered with this core abdominal workout?

This training is demanding. Anyone who has previous acute illnesses, injuries (eg, herniated disc, torn fibers, sprained abdominal muscles), or pain should refrain from doing this or at least see their doctor first.

Otherwise, according to Kirchenberger, anyone can try it, from ambitious youngsters to retirees. Because the advantage of training is that you can adjust the intensity: beginners shorten the loading interval and take longer breaks accordingly.

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Core abdominal training: the exercises at a glance

core rotation

Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees, heels firmly on the floor. Then bring your arms forward and keep them parallel to your thighs. Now bring your hands together and lift your shoulder girdle off the floor. The next step: twist your upper body left and right. Only when your abs are really on fire are you doing it right. DO NOT rest your upper body on the ground during the rotation movement!

diagonal folding knives

Same starting position as exercise one. The legs remain bent, the back and heels are on the floor. Now bring the diagonally opposite limbs together over the abdomen. To do this, raise the shoulder girdle off the floor again, the respective arms and legs should touch. After one repetition, switch pairs of arms and legs.

bicycle rocker

Sit on the floor with your upper body upright. Important: Only the buttocks can rest, lift the legs. Now bring your knees alternately to your upper body in a vertical position. On the one hand, balance with your arms, and on the other hand, increase the intensity of the exercise with a rocking motion. Do not lean your legs or arms throughout the exercise!

Cross Leg Raise

Bend your legs again. Place your hands under your buttocks and stretch your legs in the air at a 90-degree angle to your upper body. Now cross your legs alternately one on top of the other and move stretched towards the ground, but do not touch the ground! Repeat several times.

From a plank position (= forearms at right angles to the ground, upper body straight), move your hips up and down.

quadruped leg extensions

The starting position for this exercise is on all fours. Only the hands and toes touch the ground. Alternatively, lift one leg off the floor and bring it back. Important: in the final position, stretch the leg out straight as an extension of the back.

Elevator Plank X

Starting with the classic plank, pick up the branches that run diagonally, support them, and lower them again. Once again, the arms and legs should be an extension of the back. Thumbs up to the ceiling.

reverse crunch

In this exercise, the upper body remains firmly on the ground. Legs bent on the heels and knees brought to the chest. For stabilization, the arms and the palms of the hands rest on the ground at the sides of the body. Make sure the buttocks are lifted at the top point. Keep your legs in the air for each subsequent rep.

legs levers

For the last exercise, place your hands under your buttocks while lying on your back. Straighten your legs and move your feet (without bending them) towards the ceiling. The final position is the right angle between the legs and the upper body. Repeat several times, then you have succeeded.

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