Is it suitable for beginners to lose weight? What can I train with at home?

What about the new jumping craze that has been sweeping through gyms like wildfire lately? Appropriate courses are offered everywhere and all friends sign up. As with any workout, it depends on your goals. We have compiled the information for you, what does trampoline training bring, advantages and disadvantages for home use and what you can train with it. There are also some mini trampoline moves that we would like to introduce to you.

Trampoline training: effects of training, what brings the new fitness trend

At first glance it seems a bit like child’s play and fun when you look inside the classroom and see people jumping. In fact, there are a number of benefits of training.

Is mini trampoline training suitable for weight loss?

According to NASA, sweating on the mini trampoline burns up to 68 percent more calories than jogging. For example, a 20 minute mini trampoline workout is the equivalent of a full hour of jogging. Already after 5 minutes you start to sweat, you get out of breath and your heart races. Plus, the fun factor is high and course participants report that it doesn’t even feel like real training.

Benefits for bones and joints

Flying on the trampoline with health benefits

By taking the body into the air together with the subsequent soft landing, the joints are relieved and protected on the one hand and the bones are strengthened at the same time on the other. Building bone density is a valuable prevention against osteoporosis. Especially if you do a predominantly sedentary activity, you will notice that jumping on the trampoline soothes your spine and makes you feel relieved. Training on the device supports the cardiovascular system, which strengthens the heart and improves the elimination of toxins and waste products.

Improve movement control

Please note the safety instructions, there is also a risk of accidents

Improve your balance, coordination and motor skills with the mini trampoline. This means that you can use the device to increase control of your body. Which then has the effect that you can better control your body movements and, for example, make your walk look more graceful.

What muscles are trained during trampoline training?

You train the middle of your body, the core, which gives you strength and melts a love handle or two. You also train the spine, leg muscles and buttocks. But that’s not all, because arms and neck are also trained.

Fun factor in training

Training with fun and joy and effectiveness.

Because the trainees do not perceive the training as such, it is not as difficult as the daily jog. Barriers are lower and you don’t have to hard compose yourself every time, but just try.

Trampoline training: examples of exercises with the device to test

Trampoline training in the gym as a group course

jumping jacks

  1. For jumps, stand on the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart. The knees are slightly bent, in technical jargon this is also called a soft knee.
  2. Start the exercise by jumping out with both legs while raising your arms.
  3. On the next jump, bring your feet together next to each other and your arms down by your sides. And start over.


Jumping on the trampoline really makes you sweat

  1. This exercise relieves the spine very well and is fun. You stand on the machine with your feet side by side, hip-width apart.
  2. Jump your feet to the right so that both toes point forward and to the right and, at the same time, your torso points forward and to the left. Form a tight unit with your torso, shoulders, head, and arms, keeping your arms bent at your sides. Your hands point to the left, as does your gaze. So always in the opposite direction to where the toes point.
  3. On the next move, jump your feet to the left and your upper body and look to the right, always alternating. As you can see, this trains coordination, balance and motor skills.

I jump from side to side

Trampoline training side to side jump execution

  1. The side to side jump is a final jump to the side. You stand in the middle to the left of the device, with both feet together.
  2. Now jump to the right with both feet at the same time.
  3. Then left again, right, left, and so on.

run on the spot

  1. A good warm-up exercise is running on the mini trampoline. Stand in the middle of the device and start running. You will notice how light as a feather you feel and how good it is for your spine.

verse race

Trampoline training run in place good warm up exercise

  1. Go from running in place to running in verse. This is done by bringing your verses up to your buttocks as you walk.

We wish you a lot of fun with the mini trampoline training and would like to point out that it complies with all safety regulations. Especially if there are children in the home, we recommend caution and education, as children can easily perceive the device as a toy and there is a risk of accidents if used incorrectly.

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