Jasi’s Week: Training with Miss Marple

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, our author now returns to sports. But now he wonders why it has to be Zumba.

For years, even decades, doctors and health experts have asked us to exercise regularly. Because most of us sit too much, at best keeping our brains moving but not the rest of our bodies. This is not healthy in the long run and also makes you fat. If you know.

It is even more admirable that many were so disciplined during the pandemic that, in the absence of outside offers, they even brought their fitness trainers right into the house. So: through the screen. I think it’s exemplary, but I’m not in favor of it. To be honest, the idea of ​​people jumping around in my living room, sweating profusely and constantly yelling instructions at me, doesn’t really appeal to me. Even if these people only appear with me digitally. Also (and that reassures me, that spares me any other excuses) our space is completely inadequate for any type of exercise at home because I would get tangled up in the weeds from our houseplants, bump into our dining table, or get in the way of my husband’s cozy TV night.

Many others, on the other hand, are said to have stuck with living room fitness to this day, though local sports associations and clubs have long since returned to the “real” offering. And that’s why I’m doing it again now. Featuring real, stationary live sport.

The others seem to have already danced with Jennifer Lopez

However, I don’t know if it was recklessness, overconfidence or a mixture of both that made me choose Zumba from so many offers. Zumba is said to be an almost ideal combination of an effective workout, uplifting music, and a good mood. I totally agree with the first two points. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for point three, because I had to focus too much on unwrapping my feet and stumbling after the relentless beats, while everyone else was already on the next piece of music. But the course is still in its infancy, maybe at some point I will be in a good mood, after I have managed to do something like Bella Figura in the exercises, which may take another five or ten years at most.

The fact is that the other women (the course consists exclusively of women, including the trainer) look as fit, elegant and professional as if they had recently performed as solo dancers on Jennifer Lopez’s world tour. I, on the other hand, look like Miss Marple in that silly scene from The Bouquet of Wax Flowers, in which the plump amateur sleuth performs a highly committed but inevitably stiff turn at a dance with Mr Stringer, only to suffer. a subsequent faint. spell out. Well, Ms. Marple’s heart attack was only staged to set up a murder suspect. On the other hand, after the first hour of practice, I wasn’t so sure if using a very real oxygen device wouldn’t have been appropriate in my case.

Brief update, so you don’t have to worry at the end: In the meantime, I can at least keep up with my breathing with the exercises.

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