Jonathan Majors ate 6,100 calories a day for a bodybuilding movie

It’s not uncommon for actors to not only gain a deep understanding of the character and their character’s thoughts in the build-up to a film, but also to change physically. So does Jonathan Majors, who plays an amateur bodybuilder who wants to rise to the top in his sport in “Magazine Dreams.”

When Jonathan Majors first held the movie script in his hands, he weighed in at 172 pounds and knew he was going to have to bulk up for the role. The physical challenge was one of the reasons he wanted to make the film, along with the character study of a man who feels out of place in society. The actor revealed it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. One vehicle for the transformation of the body was diet, more specifically, the number of calories Jonathan Majors consumed per day.

6,100 calories a day for 4 months

In Magazine Dreams, Jonathan Majors plays Killian Maddox, who dreams of becoming a bodybuilder. Scenes from the movie circulating on Instagram show: The actor managed to gain a believably muscular body. But that was hard work. For one, the 33-year-old had to eat large quantities and pay close attention to protein intake. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jonathan Majors revealed that he weighed 92 kilograms and was 1.83 meters tall during filming. “To maintain and increase that, you have to eat as much protein as you weigh. I ate 6,100 calories a day for about four months.”

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Moose is also on the menu.

In order to manage the number of calories per day and have enough fuel for training, especially for muscle building, Jonathan Majors divided his food into six meals a day. What ended up on his plate for protein intake? “Lots of chicken. Lots of moose. That was especially my thing. I like it,” the actor said.

Chicken is known to be a good source of protein. It provides 27.3 grams of protein per 100 grams of Elk meat can even top that, with 30.2 grams of protein per 100 grams of meat.2

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Hard training for bodybuilder physique

When he didn’t eat one of the protein-rich meals, Jonathan Major’s daily schedule included exercise. Not only during the preparatory phase, but also during the shooting. The actor did weight training three times a day to build and maintain muscle. “A normal bodybuilder works out twice a day,” Majors explained, but that wasn’t enough for the movie. “He worked out for two hours straight, twice a day during filming and once after we finished.”

By the way, diet and training not only helped Jonathan Majors land the role of bodybuilder in Magazine Dreams, but also prepared him for another physically challenging film: Creed III, in which he can be seen co-starring Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson.

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Jonathan Majors Regular Workout Routine

Just as Jonathan Majors isn’t consuming 6,100 calories a day when he’s not filming or preparing for a role, his training routine is a bit different, too. “I have an appetite,” Majors said in a Vanity Fair interview when asked about his fitness. That explained the 33-year-old, who used to play football in Texas. “I like to move. I love to walk and run. Also, I have dogs. I always have to do something. But now I don’t train three times a day anymore, but once a day.”


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