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During the pandemic, quite a few people have been forced to say goodbye to sports away from home, at least temporarily. Some may not even try to return. The sofa at home or the comfortable chair at the desk seems too attractive for someone to drag themselves to the gym and leave with their sweat-soaked shirts plastered to their skin. Nintendo discovered with the Wii that motion control is good for home sports games and therefore a substitute for the sports field. There were few actual sports simulations, but the Wii Balance Board was a good start. Now, with the Nintendo Switch and slightly more precise Joy Con controllers, we’re experiencing a new generation of home activities that are supposed to push us to the limit. This is exactly where the development studio Ravenscourt wants to start in cooperation with the publisher Koch Media. For once, Let’s Get Fit is designed to make you fit in a less fun way, and all without ever setting foot in the gym. I have been doing (combat) sports regularly for several years and, of course, I did not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with new impressions and approaches to training. So I grabbed Let’s Get Fit, unfolded my gym mat, and broke a sweat! In this test you can find out if Let’s Get Fit is good or if sports muffles or sports grenades should be less enthusiastic.

Get or stay fit, no matter when and where

Well, where is the best place to start? First of all: I only played Let’s Get Fit in handheld mode. That means the joy-cons were removed and the console was placed on the floor or on a shelf using the narrow foot, always in sight. For your workouts you only need one Joy Con in the “Light” version, if you have two Nintendo Switch straps at hand, both controllers are required and you unlock the full version of Let’s Get Fit. However, during my test period, I didn’t have a belt handy and I enjoyed (for the time being) the stripped-down version. So, after bypassing and bypassing all the security instructions, I found myself back at the main menu. Here you can choose between free training, a long-term program or a challenge, which you can also complete over a longer period of time, but it will be updated weekly. If you are a little inexperienced in the sports field, it is advisable to select a program: This means that you will be challenged with a specific training for 30 days, ranging from a relaxed “wellness trip”, which consists of gymnastic exercises for balance and flexibility, to CardioBeast. This cardio program consists of exercises designed to train you to become a competitive athlete.

If you execute the moves at the right time, you get points.

© Koch Media / Ravenscourt

Some details are given for each program and workout, indicating the level, duration, your high score, music, and estimated calorie consumption for the respective exercise collection. There are 5 difficulty levels, but you won’t be able to reach the maximum level if you don’t have two of the aforementioned belts to train on. I find this decision questionable as it doesn’t give you access to the full game unless you have the additional accessories. Although there is a commercial version that includes the plugin, it costs more accordingly. It would have made more sense to make all programs and exercises accessible in “Light” mode as well, since the focus here is on sport and not on accumulating points, but we’ll talk about that later. However, of course, you can trick the game into thinking you own two of the straps and have them securely attached to your body. Then you can enjoy the whole game, but of course you have to reduce the score and accordingly by keeping track of your fitness, which is also included in your personal statistics. If these values ​​are less important to you because you play Let’s Get Fit to get fit, you can choose this option.

The workouts last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the session selected and its difficulty. You can also complete several in a row, for example an easy one to warm up and a harder one afterwards, depending on how you feel. This is where I have to praise Let’s Get Fit: it feels good to follow a program that can be completed daily. This creates an incredibly important routine for the sport and motivates you to return to it. The successes you can achieve are also motivating. Not just hits on your body, but fun too, Let’s Get Fit gives you feedback on how you’re improving and praises you for staying focused. You’ll also collect in-game trophies and milestones after completing exercises, which will tell you about your overall performance. In addition, you can accumulate points with each exercise that will allow you to achieve a high score in the leaderboard. So if you have friends who also want to get fit, the high score system is really cool. This way, they can match their performances and push each other if they feel comfortable with it. You accumulate points for each exercise and can improve accordingly with each session. This way you can gauge if you’re getting fitter or if you need to work harder. But if you can’t be sure, the Stats tab will tell you how well you’re doing. There you will find all the information about your previous training sessions. As described above, if you switch the game to “Harness Mode” but don’t have one on hand to earn points, you’ll miss out on these options.

However, I would like to briefly go into the forced use of props here. I understand that athletes need to use motion controls to allow the console to track whether exercises are being performed to earn points. What is incomprehensible, however, is making full workouts inaccessible instead of providing a “no points” mode or something similar. Sport is the focus here, high scores are a nice side effect and make sense, but Let’s Get Fit shouldn’t have hidden the currently locked workouts behind a number barrier in three corners. The constant switching between workouts also gets annoying after a while.

But enough of complaints, because Let’s Get Fit is quite strong in general: while the programs consist of a set of exercises that accompany you in the long term and train certain muscle areas of your body accordingly, the challenges, as the name suggests, They target specific challenges. These are proposed weekly and are constantly updated. For example, you can do a 30-day challenge that will help you do a 4-minute plank after that month. If this is not your favorite sports field, you can also try a running challenge, which can be assigned to the cardio area accordingly. There are no limits to your choice.

Sports freedom is very important

Limitless are the right keywords for my favorite menu item: free training. Here you have a wide variety of existing workouts that, like the program, focus on specific sports areas. The difference here, however, is that you are not tied to any program, but you can train whatever you want. For example, if you want to focus more on your abs and legs on Tuesday, simply remove the two appropriate workouts in this mode. On Wednesdays then I eat arms and cardio – all according to your wishes.

With personal workouts, Let’s Get Fit creates limitless athletic freedom.

© Koch Media / Ravenscourt

Unfortunately, some workouts are also locked here because you need the mentioned accessory for them. If you don’t like out-of-the-box workouts, or if you’ve been doing them for too long, you can generate your own workouts. You can’t chain separate exercises together and build a truly personal workout out of them, but you can enter your goals into a menu and have one spit out at you. To do this, you first select your direction, for example HIIT, strength training or calorie consumption. These are specified later at other points and go into quite a bit of detail. You determine your strength, the duration of the training and even your personal trainer. Once you’ve entered everything, a workout will be created for you, and ultimately you’ll decide again if it suits you or if you want a new one generated based on the same properties. This possibility is really remarkable, you can create your own workouts, that is, how you would like to do sports. Creating your own workouts will probably only appeal to those athletes among you who have already conquered their weaker selves for some time. If you are new to the world of fitness, of course, it is advisable to carry out ready-made programs. Here, of course, the self-critical question arises whether you are doing the individual exercises correctly, because, as is often the case in sports, it is not carried out, which can lead to injuries. Here, too, Let’s Get Fit would like to get started and take beginners to the sports mat by the hand: Before each new exercise, you have the opportunity to watch a short video tutorial with details about training.

If you are not familiar with certain exercises, the detailed tutorials will help you.

© Koch Media / Ravenscourt

So if you’re not sure how to properly perform sit-ups, the virtual Jeff will help you out in a short clip. This gives newcomers access and support, long-term athletes can expand their repertoire and also learn new things. Last but not least, I would like to mention that you will be supported by four virtual trainers depending on the exercise and program. This relaxes the training a bit and adds variety. That’s fine, of course, but it doesn’t fundamentally change the training experience. Each of these individuals also brings their own set of music, ranging from laid-back yoga music to slightly up-tempo electronic music and heavier rock music. So you have the choice of how you want to design your training. The music itself is also quite nice, but after a while I let my own tracks play at the same time, which pushes me a bit more personally. Let’s Get Fit ran smoothly in handheld mode, looks stylish, and can be taken on vacation or on the road for small games in between. The battery is also not as stressed as with some exercises. Unfortunately, Let’s Get Fit could also have scored points with motion control: movements were often not fully recognized, and instead of a nice green warning light, it flashed red, suggesting the exercise had been done. incorrectly. Even the Nintendo Switch can only barely check if you are finally performing the exercises correctly. So instead of paying attention to motion controls, look in a mirror during exercises and try to assess if you’re on the right track.

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