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Florian Jacoby, head of the therapy department at the Klinikum Esslingen, demonstrates a full-body strengthening exercise. Photo: Gaby Weiss

If you prefer to train at home instead of in a club or gym, you can design your training with very simple tools.

By Gaby Weiss

Esslingen – During the pandemic lockdowns, training in sports clubs was banned and gyms were closed. Many people have played sports on their own initiative, they have put on running shoes, they have gotten on the bike or they have bought gym equipment to train in the living room. Jump rope, latex bands, hula hoops, swing bars, and fascia rolls now stack on the exercise mat. Balance board, mini trampoline, abdominal trainer and aerobic step board are also available. Some people have installed their own pull-up bar in the doorway or dug into their pockets and invested in a stepper, bike ergometer, treadmill, or rowing machine to exercise at home.


Germans have gained weight during Corona

Florian Jacoby, head of the therapy department at the Klinikum Esslingen, is full of praise for anyone who gets off the couch, moves and plays sports during the Corona period: “Diseases of civilization such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes or blood pressure high consequence of lack of exercise. In addition, there are often sedentary activities and obesity. During Corona, each German gained an average of 5.6 kilograms.” The physiotherapist with a master’s degree in prevention and health management knows that many people played sports for the first time during the pandemic without taking advantage of the benefits of playing sports in a club or gym to be able to drink: “No fixed appointment, no training partner to help you.” motivated, and without professional instructions for the correct execution and for varied exercises”.

Integrate movement into everyday life.

If you start exercising, you should first consult your family doctor, especially if you are older or have health problems. The expert advises non-athletes to integrate more exercise into daily life first: “Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. Walk to the post office instead of taking the car. Bicycling for short distances.” In Jacoby’s experience, if you want to play sports, you should definitely choose something you enjoy: “Brisk walks, swimming, jogging, rowing, or doing gym and strength training at home; definitely pick something you enjoy. Then you better persevere.” It’s important to start slowly and then increase in small steps so you don’t get overwhelmed: “Increase running distance slowly, gently increase running speed, carefully increase number of reps on exercises.”

Florian Jacoby reminds all the people who want to change their life completely on January 1 with many good intentions, train three times a day and give up again after two weeks. “He starts training twice a week. He puts his sneakers in the hallway as a prompt. Make a running date with someone who motivates you. Incorporate your gym exercises into everyday life. At some point, exercising will become a habit like brushing your teeth,” he emphasizes. Florian Jacoby recommends simple exercises for beginners: “In the beginning you don’t need weights, your own body weight is enough” (see the article below). He warns against making expensive purchases when you’re highly motivated from the start: “Good running shoes are important if you jog regularly. But you certainly don’t need $200 running shoes if you want to test whether running is the right form of exercise for you.”

When it comes to buying big equipment like a stationary bike, treadmill, or rowing machine, she advises not to buy immediately on impulse: “Make sure the hangers can be attached to the elliptical, because they often end up as coat racks on the elliptical. the bedroom”, he notes with a smile, “Such a purchase is only worthwhile if you actually use the device regularly”.

Non-slip exercise mat is recommended.

The market offers a wide range of smaller devices and utensils for training at home, and new trends emerge every year. “Anyone who enjoys stand-up paddleboard yoga exercises can do it, but it’s certainly not for beginners,” explains Jacoby. He can recommend a non-slip exercise mat for working out at home, and latex bands of different resistances do a good job too. Plastic bottles filled with water or sand can be used to intensify strength training. And if you like it and follow it, you can go buy some light dumbbells or other exercise equipment to make your training more varied.

Whether it’s a swing pole, a large gym ball, or a wobble board, manufacturers supply brochures for many of these aids that explain correct use through exercises. Sports, health and women’s magazines also repeatedly offer exercise programs developed by experts. And there are also trusted providers on the Internet that show exercise instructions that you can imitate and add to your own repertoire. “This allows for varied training at home,” she emphasizes.

motivation through success

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, Florian Jacoby advises remembering your success afterwards: “If you’ve trained well, you can be proud of yourself. Especially for beginners, the improvements are relatively large and can be noticed very quickly.” Using health apps or pedometers that monitor physical activity can also have a supportive effect: “Health tracking can definitely help. When my sports watch tells me that I still have 3000 steps to walk today, that motivates me and shows me what I have already achieved today or last week.”

Virtual Forum: “Joints”

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