Lose kilos, increase energy: what really matters when it comes to losing weight

Home office near the fridge, quick snacks against the afternoon slump, relaxing on the sofa in the evening: winter is treacherous, for the mind, soul and body too!

Comfortable jogging pants, trendy loungewear and oversized shirts beautifully hide the little love handles on the stomach, buttocks and thighs. But as the new year approaches spring, the sun’s rays become more intense and the days longer, we would love to get rid of the extra kilos. How can this be achieved without empty promises? How can we feel energized while losing weight? Protect our joints, strengthen our back and stimulate our spirit at the same time? We’ll tell you about it and interview our founder and Balance Swing™ fitness expert. She shows you the best exercises with which you can get fit in a relaxed and lively way.

Tip 1: Positive vibes – thanks to variety and soft muscles

Nothing motivates more than a little variety, this is especially true for conscious weight loss, healthy cooking and an effective sports program with which we lose weight in the long term. Fitness trainer and founder of Balance Swing™, Yvonne Hyna, advises: “Anyone looking for a diverse course program uses all the muscles in the body, because muscles increase our basal metabolic rate and therefore calorie consumption.” . even when we are at rest than with untrained muscles. The more varied you train, the easier it is for us to lose weight.

Tip 2: Burn fat, train holistically

Holistic training supports us in losing weight and in our day to day, since not only are muscles built but, above all, stress is reduced. “With Balance Swing™, the effective fitness training on the mini-trampoline, we combine five elements in each lesson, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),” explains the certified trainer, who recommends the following lesson structure:

  1. Rotate in: It starts with the warm up: swinging your way to the mat.
  2. Cardio swing: Cardio training makes the exerciser and fat burning really work.
  3. Balance Stability: Balance training provides more stability and fine coordination.
  4. balance training train physical strengthening and the more muscles we build, the more energy i.e. calories are burned.
  5. balance relax Combine yoga with meditation, muscles stretch, mind and soul can relax.

If these five training components are combined, there is a balance in our body, we feel more energetic, holistically strengthened and it is easier to lose weight.

Tip 3: Produce an extra portion of happy hormones, protect your joints

In addition to tighter turns and more energy, trampoline training helps keep you in a good mood. And a positive attitude doesn’t just help us lose weight! This good feeling is created by rocking on the mat. Because swinging movements have a beneficial effect on our body, they help to minimize stress hormones and enhance the production of happiness hormones. In addition, the soft mat of the trampoline ensures that the training, which only consists of swinging, is particularly gentle on the joints and spine and is therefore suitable for everyone.

Tip 4: Power up while you swing, plus boost your metabolism

“In the end, our motto is to fire up instead of burn out,” says Yvonne Hyna. And through this ignition, the constant rocking on the soft mat of the trampoline, all our cells enter a positive state of emergency. You tense up as you swing back to the mat and relax as you move up in a sort of weightless state at the peak of your swing (inversion point). In addition, we remain in the aerobic phase during the cardio swing, which means that oxygen is supplied to the cells and fat burning is in full swing. The result: calorie consumption rises above average and we increase metabolic turnover in cells significantly more than with other common fitness programs, as demonstrated by a NASA study: 10 minutes of Balance Swing™ on the mini trampoline are as effective as 30 minutes of running.

Tip 5: Celebrate success as a reward – after a time relaxed, energized, fit

And those who train so effectively and diligently will be happy for a reward. With Balance Swing™ you can see the results after a short time: the figure gets in shape and the skin and connective tissue are tightened through targeted and holistic muscle strengthening. And a properly trained body always looks slimmer. “As a rule, those who exercise feel relaxed, energetic, healthy and a bit younger,” says Yvonne Hyna. We thought: this is how we can leave the cold and dark season behind us, in a good mood and in top form, full of anticipation for a lively and light summer of 2023.

3 exercises for a top figure

You can see for yourself how good and relaxed the students feel after the Balance Swing™ training, with the following 3 exercises to burn fat, strengthen the body and relax:

1. Exercise to burn fat: speed skaters

Run on the trampoline, raising only your heels. Now spread your feet as wide as the trampoline mat will allow and alternately shift your weight from right to left. Twist harder from right to left onto the mat and release your free foot. Now pull this in the direction of the back of the knee of the other leg. The upper body leans slightly forward, but remains upright. The pelvis remains straight forward and the stomach slightly tense. Arms swing easily. Create a sort of side-to-side fast skating movement, like speed skaters do.

benefit: This exercise improves stamina and coordination and increases fat burning.

2. Physical strengthening exercise: Goliath – the strong one

Kneel on the floor, possibly with a towel or mat underneath. Place your hands on the trampoline mat near the edge. Pull your belly button firmly in toward your spine. Lift your knees off the ground and place your feet farther back on your toes. The upper part of the body forms a line with the thighs, the back is straight and the navel is close to the spine. If strength allows, now alternately pull one knee towards the springboard.

benefit: This exercise strengthens the entire body: hands and shoulders, chest muscles, legs, but especially the core.

3. Relaxation exercise: crocodile

Lie on your back on the trampoline and place both feet on the ground. Now lift your pelvis and lower it 5 cm to the right side. Let your left leg slide out and bring your right knee up over your pelvis. Now the left hand grabs the right knee from the outside and pulls it to the left over the straightened left. The right shoulder and the right arm remain on the trampoline mat, the gaze and the head go to the right. Take 5-10 deep breaths (preferably longer) and then switch sides.

benefit: This exercise stretches and relaxes the entire body: shoulders, pectoral muscles, lateral core muscles, buttocks, and lateral legs.

Balance Swing ™: suitable for your individual fitness level

If you are interested in more information, additional exercises and complete training programs: With the Balance Swing™ exercise DVDs or online videos at https://vimeo.com/balanceswing/videos, you can train flexibly at any time .

In addition, more than 180 trained Balance Swing™ trainers at more than 85 course locations (gym, club, adult education center, etc.) in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland arouse interest in fitness. Interested people can find the right Balance Swing™ trampoline course in their area here https://www.balance-swing.de/de/studios-und-kurse.html.

And for anyone who wants to read more about it, two Balance Swing™ books have now been published with numerous descriptions, pictures and exercises. From DVDs to music CDs and sports equipment, you can find all products in our shop: https://www.balance-swing.de/de/shop.html

So you can swing into this spring, this summer with more energy and slimmer hormones, full of well-being and happiness.

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