Lose Weight in Your Butt and Legs – 15 Minute Lower Body Shredding Workout

Who doesn’t want trained legs and a sporty butt? Exactly these zones are trained with the training of our fitness expert Olivia Ederer.

Slim your buttocks and legs with intensive training

All you need for the workout is a mat, a mini band, and two dumbbells (5kg).

Hip opener, warm up

olivia ederer

Hip Opener Warm Up

As with any workout, we start with a warm up. To do this, you enter the so-called “hip opener” or hip opener. To do this, you sit on the mat, one thigh pointed forward and the lower leg to the side.

The other leg points to the side and the lower leg to the back. Your back is straight and your hands are in front of you. You should feel a slight pull in your hips. Then switch legs. Each side ten times.

frog glute bridge

olivia ederer

1. Exercise: Frog Glute Bridge

To do this, sit on your mat and pull your feet towards you, the bottoms touching each other. Then you lie on your back on the mat. Place your hands palm down on the mat by your side as you press your feet together.

Then lift your hips up and slowly lower them back down. The bottom just touches the mat slightly, spread your knees apart and lift your hips back up. Repeat this twenty times in two sets.

split squats

olivia ederer

2. Exercise: Split Squat

The split squat trains your core and core, as well as your legs and glutes. To do this, take two dumbbells and leave your arms long at each side. You lunge onto your mat and lower your back knee.

It should not be ruled out. Then you get up again. You do this ten times and then switch sides. Do 3 sets of these, resting 30 seconds after each set.

  • ten repetitions
  • 30 second break
  • change sides
  • 3 sentences

romanian deadlift

olivia ederer

3rd exercise: Romanian deadlift with one leg

To do this, stand on the mat and stretch your right leg behind you. In your left hand you hold a dumbbell. As you push your butt back, lean forward with the weight until the weight hovers just above your left foot.

You should feel a slight pull in the back of your left thigh. So you get up again. Keep your back straight. Do ten repetitions on each side.

  • ten repetitions
  • 30 second break
  • change sides
  • three sets

raise your legs

olivia ederer

4th exercise: raise legs

For the exercise, lie on your back and place your hands under your buttocks. Now lift your legs straight towards you, up to about 45 degrees and slowly lower them back down. However, they do not touch the ground.

side lunges

olivia ederer

5. Exercise: Side Lunges

To do this, take a dumbbell in both hands and hold it in front of your chest. Then jump to the left and bend your knees while your right leg is straight.

The back is kept straight. Then stand up straight and repeat with your right leg.

  • Ten reps per side
  • 30 second break
  • 3 sentences

lung jump

olivia ederer

6. Exercise: jumping stride

You lunge forward, lower your back knee, then switch legs in a jump.

  • 20 repetitions
  • 30 second break
  • 3 sentences

the climbers

olivia ederer

7. Exercise: Mountaineers

You get into a supportive position on your mat: your legs are hip-width apart, your hands are under your shoulders, your arms are holding your upper body up.

Your shoulders remain above your palms, even during the exercise. Your butt is in line with your back. Now start to pull your knees towards your sternum and then back down. Don’t forget to breathe evenly.

  • 40 repetitions
  • 3 sentences

Post-workout: stretching with a mini-band


olivia ederer

To stretch, sit on your mat and wrap the mini band around one foot. Then, lie on your back and gently pull the leg toward you with the band until you feel the stretch in your hamstring and squat down.

The leg is straight. Hold the position for 30 to 40 seconds, then switch legs.

Advice: If you don’t have a mini band, you can also use a towel.

Personal Trainer Olivia Ederer

personal trainer

Burghard Rauh

This is our expert:

Olivia Ederer is a personal trainer, nutrition and health coach in the Munich area and a Fitforfun expert. She specializes in body fat reduction, where she designs individual training sessions in cooperation with her team. Both healthy nutrition and effective workouts form the basis of her training.


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