Model Kate Upton does dumbbell squat jumps in the pool

Actress and model Kate Upton (30) shows off her hard training, in which she even completes dumbbell jump squats in the pool. But that’s not the only oddity of hers in her training. FITBOOK explains what she brings.

American actress Kate Upton is known for her hard workouts. And she obviously loves variety in training. Whether it’s aerial yoga, indoor rock climbing, or tobogganing (with her trainer Ben Bruno), she’s ready for some sweaty fun. Now her trainer has posted a new video with Kate Upton on Instagram. There are strange looking training methods to check out. We explain to you what it is.

Dumbbell squat jumps in the pool

The first thing you notice is the so-called squat jumps in the pool. Kate Upton holds a special bar for aqua gymnastics on her back. With it, she squats in the water and then does an explosive stretch jump. As if the squats weren’t exhausting enough, the level of difficulty is greatly increased. So the actress has to fight against the resistance of the water. Most importantly, the bar fills with water as it is submerged, making it extremely difficult to jump to the upright position.

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At the same time, you have to hold your breath when you dive underwater, which makes breathing that much more strenuous. The cardiovascular system works at full speed. However, this execution of jump squats has a great advantage: the joints and tendons are less stressed in the water. This is especially true at the knees and ankles, because the bar is light when submerged and doesn’t fill with water until you’re in the pool. So not only does it look spectacular, it makes sense to do dumbbell jump squats in a pool.

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Kate Upton’s workout on dry land

Out of the water, the training continues in the gym. This time the shoulders are trained with the so-called “land mine press”. A bar is raised, one end of which is fixed to the ground. At the other extreme, Kate Upton holds the bar with both hands. The actress pushes the bar up from her shoulder height. The movement alternates from the right shoulder to the left and vice versa until completing a complete series. The actress always squats down a bit before explosively pushing the bar back up. She strengthens legs and buttocks at the same time.

And as the third exercise in the training video, the so-called exercises follow. Hamstring Body Curl with the bar The hamstring is the back of the thigh, which is specially trained in this exercise. This is how Kate Upton lies on her back on the floor. A bar rests on her raised hips. The rear shoulder area of ​​her is placed in a large slider. With the heels push back until the body is almost straight and return to the starting position. “These hamstring body curls are brutal, even for professional athletes,” her trainer, Ben Bruno, wrote in the video clip’s caption. If you don’t believe it, it’s best to try it yourself.


Work hard, nap hard

But Kate Upton not only trains hard, she also recovers intensely. Or as her coach writes: “Work hard, nap hard.” Because in the pauses of the phrases of the individual exercises, the actress seems to nod. It almost looks like a power nap, that is, a short nap.

It’s unclear if this is actually meant seriously or just as a tongue-in-cheek sign of extreme effort. But it illustrates once again the important aspect of recovery after a strenuous workout, but also between individual sets. Of course, hard training is important if you want to gain muscle. Subsequent regeneration is at least as important for them to grow well.

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