Mountaineers: this exercise is even more effective

If you prefer to stay at home with an app or Youtubevideos, you will not be able to avoid this exercise: the climbers! Because “mountaineering” can be done almost anywhere and you hardly need sports equipment. Additionally, the full-body exercise requires not only strength and stamina, but also coordination. Best of all, it can make exercise even more effective! We’ll show you how.

Mountaineers: that’s why they are so effective

With Mountain Climbers you not only work on your six pack, but also train many other muscle groups. You need to work your hamstrings, quadriceps hamstrings, and glutes. The arms and shoulders also have to do a lot on the high board. Thus You improve your strength and favor your balance.. Above all, stability in the middle of your body is improved.

And did you know that mountaineers even against back problems To be able to help? Exercise prevents lower back pain. In this way, mountaineers help against one of the most common ailments: As a survey by the Robert Koch Institute has shown, more than 60 percent of all Germans suffer from back pain.

all you need are sturdy shoes and an exercise mat. Theoretically, you can also do the exercise without a surface, as long as you can put your feet up stably. Mountaineers are not only perfect for home training, but can also be practiced outdoors, e.g. B. during your jog in the park.

Correct execution of the exercise.

Unlike the mountaineer board, the classic mountaineers dynamic carried out. In a sudden movement, the knees are alternately pulled towards the elbows as quickly as possible. One leg is always straight and the other bent.

Important for a correct execution: The hands must always be below the shoulders and the back must be straight. From this starting position, numerous variations of Mountain Climbers and others can be performed. effective abdominal exercisesfor example, the Spider Plank.

The best exercises for glutes

This exercise is even more effective than mountain climbers.

Depending on the variation, the different muscle groups stressed differently. Sometimes the focus is on the side abdominal muscles, sometimes on the shoulders. How about a variation that gradually uses all the muscles?

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then you definitely should mountaineer burpees try! This variation combines the classic mountaineering with push-ups and burpees. Is that how it works:

  1. Get into a plank position and hold the tension.
  2. Now pull your left knee toward your elbow, hold briefly, and then place your left foot next to your right.
  3. Now bend your arms to do a push up.
  4. Repeat with the right knee.
  5. Finish the exercise with a burpee by doing a straight jump.

danger: This exercise has it all! By you speed take it out, it becomes easier. When you can no longer hold the tension, take a short break.

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