Pamela Reif: 10 minute full body workout for the unmotivated

In just ten minutes, the moves not only give your tired limbs a boost, but also train your muscles quite effectively at the same time.

A clear win-win situation.

10 minutes of full power!

The moves work virtually every muscle group in your body. However, special attention is paid to the legs and buttocks, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Within the training, the exercises follow one another directly. You only have time to catch your breath afterwards.

What are you waiting for? Turn up the music, put on your sports clothes and grab a pad; then you’ll be ready to go.

Have fun!

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1. Warm up by dancing

To prevent injury and wake up the body a bit, Pam starts with two exercises that are sure to get your butt off the couch:

As you can see, this workout is all about having fun and adding some exercise to those days when you are lazy and unmotivated.

2. Tension in the legs

Still dancing, but a little more strenuous on your leg and gluteal muscles, continue with the following exercises:

  • you are a superstar
  • Squat up and down
  • Left and right wood chipper
  • Macarena + Squat
  • Up + Side Strike

Even if these exercises with dance elements are much easier to do than sets with heavy weights, you still need to make sure you do them correctly.

It is extremely important that the squats have a correct position of the legs: the feet are placed a little wider than the width of the hips, the toes are slightly turned outward, the weight is on the entire foot.

3. Demand standing abs

Do your legs shake a little? Good like that! Now the middle part of your body in particular gets rid of its fat. In this training, of course, there is no lack of a good dose of fun.

  • bobby rolls
  • From the side + right and left cross
  • Cross Crunch + Finger Touch

These exercises may seem easy to Pamela. But she’ll quickly notice that they’ll really challenge her abdominal muscles.

Important here: Don’t forget to breathe! It is best to exhale as you contract your torso and inhale as you straighten up.

Before the next block begins, there is one more round for your legs.

4. Lying exercises

The core of the body is also the focus of the following exercises. But you have to hold on a little longer before you can sit on the sofa again.

  • roll + stand up
  • Roll + scissor kicks
  • Sit + stretch forward
  • Seated Toe Reach

As with the previous exercises, the same applies here: Pay attention to clean execution and correct breathing technique. It is better to do the individual movements a little slower, but correctly.

5. Stretch and cool down

You’ve already done it! Just four more exercises and you will have successfully completed Pam’s training: that’s how quickly a lazy day can become a little more active.

The movements activate your body for the last time, but at the same time ensure a pleasant stretch, especially on the back of the legs.

  • plank + pike
  • iron + say hello
  • cat cow rolls
  • bear

After these two minutes, that’s it. Considering you weren’t that motivated before, that wasn’t so bad, right?


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