Pamela Reif announces major changes to popular content

Pamela Reif has more than doubled her number of followers since the Corona pandemic.

Pamela Reif has more than doubled her number of followers since the Corona pandemic.Image: Screenshot / Instagram @pamela_rf

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Pamela Reif is the star among fitness influencers. With almost nine million followers on Instagram, no one in Germany can compare to her. Especially since the pandemic, her online community of hers has more than doubled. Her reason: her home fitness plans.

When gyms had to close and many people’s daily lives were turned upside down, people not only rediscovered walking for themselves, but wanted one thing above all else: to get in shape. And that’s where Pam came in. On a weekly basis, he compiled fitness plans for his followers with his own videos. And so his fan community suddenly grew.

There are now eleven different training plans each week for your fans to choose from. Users do not pay a dime for videos, everything is available for free on youtube. Only a few special plans can only be found in their own app, which costs 2.50 euros per month.

But that could soon be the end. In his own podcast “schaumermal” he now reveals what the future of his training plans looks like.

Training plans in jeopardy? Pamela Reif gives perspective

“Everyone has gotten so used to the fact that it’s coming anyway. It’s become so normal that it’s no longer appreciated. That sometimes I think to myself: Ok, do I still have to do the training plans? Do so many still do that?” he explains on the podcast, which he records with his brother Dennis.

“It’s totally normal to get used to things. I’ve said several times that you could write an algorithm that designs the workouts yourself,” suggests Dennis. But that’s obviously out of the question for Pam. “I’m like a mother bird who doesn’t want to give up her nest.” She believes that no algorithm or any other person can write the plans as well as she can, because she knows her own videos better than hers.

But the influencer is already aware that something has to change: she believes that her followers are the You no longer implement one-to-one plans, preferring instead to be more flexible. Now you would like to react to this: Currently users only have the option to delete videos or add another one.

Pamela Reif wants to change training plans

There should be an “own area” in the app, in which you can enter your own exercises, but also insert your videos. Amateurs who have been doing their exercises for years know them by heart and would already have their own knowledge, so that “a plan is no longer so necessary”Pam explains.

The influencer leaves open what that ultimately means for current training plans. First, he wants to start a survey on the app to find out how his fans actually use the training plans. The changes should come in the new year.

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