Peloton study shows: Germans perceive the Christmas season as a tour de force, which …

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Peloton study shows: Germans see the Christmas season as a tour de force that can be mastered with motivation

Berlin (ots)

  • Despite sports and a healthy diet, more than half of Germans are exhausted by the end of the Christmas season, and the younger generation considers the holidays more strenuous than those over 55.
  • 40 percent of Germans believe that the Christmas season can be compared to training.
  • Almost 60 percent of Germans are convinced that they can achieve anything if they are motivated.

The Christmas holidays feel like a physical and mental marathon for many Germans. A study conducted by Peloton in five markets of 10,083 respondents shows: Germans are among those who prepare best for the holidays: two-thirds (66 percent) rely on mental or physical exercise and almost 40 percent say they prepare ahead of time to eat healthy at Christmas. More than a third of those surveyed (40 percent) even think that the Christmas season is comparable to an intensive ‘workout’ and a good quarter (28 percent) of Germans say that they cover between 9 and 20 km in a pre -Christmas shopping spree. It is therefore not surprising that more than half of Germans (51 percent) reveal that they are sold out at the end of the Christmas season. However, the younger generation (16-34 years old) in particular finds the holiday season more strenuous (more than 70 percent) than those over 55 (45 percent) and presumably more familiar with Christmas.

The right motivation is key to preparing for Christmas

Motivation plays an important role in preparing Germans for the stressful Christmas season: almost 60% believe that they can achieve anything if they have the motivation to do it. According to the study, respondents are motivated in a variety of ways and from a variety of people, including friends, family, co-workers, or trusted fitness trainers. In Germany, the number of people who named themselves or their partner as the main motivator of the Christmas season was particularly high, at 80 percent. It was striking that more than a third of the respondents (36 percent) were motivated by fun and joy. What stands out is that the younger target group in particular (25 percent aged 16-24) say they are motivated by the power of the community.

The five languages ​​of motivation

To help people around the world discover what makes them tick, Peloton teamed up with Dr. Pooja Lakshmin, a psychiatrist, author of Real self care and founder of Gemma, one of the first digital education platforms focused solely on women’s mental health. The objective was to identify the global languages ​​of motivation (referring to the popular concept of the five love languages) that classify the different types of motivation of people around the world both in fitness and in life.

Everyone brings their own mindset when it comes to motivations for health and wellness, relaxation and recreation, and achieving performance goals. By recognizing and embracing your own individual motivational language, you can better motivate yourself and others to make the most of the holiday season. “What I like about the language of motivation is that it encourages us to think more deeply about how we not only take care of others, but also ourselves during the holiday season and take responsibility for our own well-being. We can lay hands on it,” says Dr. Dr. Pooja Lakshmin. “We know that motivation is critical not only in fitness routines, but also in everyday decisions. I’m excited that by working with Peloton and creating The Five Languages ​​of Motivation, I’m empowering people to ask themselves how they are. Motivated more effectively, especially in this time of more-more-more, it’s hard to make time for yourself.”

The five languages ​​of motivation break down as follows:

  • having fun: You are full of motivation when you have fun and enjoy yourself, let yourself go, relax and have fun.
  • Completing goals: You are motivated to do your best, reach your goals or a new milestone and feel better than ever.
  • building communities: One is motivated to team up with others, invite friends and family and encourage them to participate.
  • positive affirmation: One is motivated by the kindness, encouragement, and positivity one gives to oneself and shares with others.
  • hard love: You’re motivated by structure, strong words, and a no-nonsense attitude, and you don’t want distractions.

“Motivation is part of the DNA of the peloton,” says German peloton coach Erik Jäger. “We want to motivate everyone, ideally 365 days a year, but also especially during the intensive period of Christmas. I can be motivated by doing sport, but I find it’s much more fun in the community. With 57 peloton trainers around the world, everyone find their individual motivator”.

Share Motivation and Keep New Years Resolutions for 2023

Peloton invites you to do it #MotivationGift in the form of digital holiday cards with motivational mantras from platoon coaches to give to friends and family – the right motivational saying for everyone. Peloton Christmas cards can be purchased via the Pinterest page. [ Link] downloaded from Peloton and at the same time the Peloton app is available for a 30-day free trial [ Link]. Equipped with such motivators and the Peloton app, New Year’s resolutions can be addressed effectively and set the stage for a sporty and motivated year 2023. Data collected globally by Peloton shows that the Peloton concept is a lasting motivator: a full 91 percent of all Peloton members worldwide are still active even after 12 months. With Peloton you can train comfortably from home and the wide range of courses and the Peloton app have the right workout for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or ambitious fitness professional. Features such as sessions, combo courses and challenges round out the offer and help keep you motivated in the long run.

Here you go directly to the motivational mantras of the peloton coaches:


*Survey methodology: The research was conducted by Censuswide with 10,083 nationally representative respondents from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Germany between 11/21/22 and 11/28/22. Censuswide is a member of the Market Research Society, following the ESOMAR principles, and a member of the British Polling Council.

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