Pole Dance: This is how you start with a full body workout

A full body workout or a lewd pole dance? We tell you why pole dance is more than a show act and what advantages the demanding training offers you.

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Most people only know a full body barbell workout from dumbbell training. Pole dancing is also often associated with women dancing in a bar.

But in recent years, pole dancing has become even more destigmatized in the fitness community and has gained a huge following, and for good reason! Because pole dancing not only offers a great fun factor, but also an effective full-body workout that burns a lot of calories.

you would have known

Pole Dance has its origin in Asia and for this reason it is also known as “Chinese Pole”. There, most of the men dance around a pole, which is much thicker than the metal poles we know.

Pole dancing only became known in the US throughout the 20th century and became a popular show there, establishing itself in strip clubs influenced by it in the 1950s.

Who is pole dancing suitable for?

No matter young or old, female or male, everyone can learn it. The only requirement: motivation. Pole dancing can also be the right thing for those who have not been sporty until now, because you start with easy exercises and you can already see the first successes after a short time.

caution however, it is required if you suffer from chronic injuries or pain. If you’re pregnant, you should wait until after you give birth to exercise, as strenuous exercise can affect your baby.

Who is pole dancing suitable for?
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Pole Dance Training Benefits

  • you operate a full body workout, in which all muscle groups are used. You also train resistance and body tension.
  • More mobility and coordination skills. they are created by stretching the different parts of the body and learning choreography.
  • Yours Posture and body awareness improvemaking you more secure.
  • If you train regularly, you build especially through the “flows” that flow. defined muscles in.
  • Their sense of balance He is trained.
  • Yours pain threshold increases
  • pole dance help with weight loss, because calorie consumption increases at rest. With a high-protein diet you also support muscle building.
  • In a course or study you quickly build social contacts up and you can do it express creatively.

Important tips for beginners

Are you totally excited and want to start training right away? Do you really not know what to expect and what you need to pole dance? Here are some tips to help you get started.

What you need for pole dancing

  • A fitted athletic short for more skin contact with the tube. This gives you more grip. At the same time, you train your pain receptors under the skin to get used to stress.
  • A good sports bra because the more contact you have with the bar, the more important it becomes to promote support in all the parts of the body involved.
  • You may need high heels if you have chosen a course. At first it is also good to dance in socks.
  • Avoid body lotions on training day, as they give you less grip on the bar.
  • To strengthen your grip, you can use means intended for this purpose. These include liquid magnesium or sticky substances.

How pole dance training usually works

  1. Heating: The joints and muscles are first prepared for the movements by mobility and strength exercises with one’s own body weight without a bar.
  2. More strength exercises and flows: this time on the pole.
  3. Training: Individual figures or entire choreographies are taught depending on the type of pole dance chosen.
  4. Cool down: Tight muscles loosen and relax.

Building strength through pole dancing

As you may have already noticed or perhaps suspected, pole dancing requires a lot of strength. As a beginner, therefore, you should do additional strength exercises in addition to pole dance training. Because you need one thing above all: perseverance. Regular stretching is important to increase mobility, increase strength e.g. B. Push-ups and resistance training, such as jogging or brisk walking.

additional strength training
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What to consider when choosing a pole dance studio

First of all, it depends on the coaches. You need to make sure they have the proper training. This minimizes the risk of exercising incorrectly and getting injured.

They would also be good appropriate introductory courses that get you where you are. Because there you will learn the basic gripping techniques, basic figures or turns on the bar.

You should also make sure that your studio offers other courses such as yoga, stretching or pilates, as these will help you train.

Listen to your own body while pole dancing

When you get hooked on pole dancing, there is no stopping you. You would like to be able to do everything at once and as quickly as possible. But here comes the well-known wisdom: strength lies in stillness. Just go as far as your body will allow.

Every body has different limits and different ranges of motion. So stay with yourself mentally and do not compare yourself with the other participants.

It’s okay to take it easy and take lots of breaks. Perfectly mastering a choreography can take months.

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