Quick Core Workout: 15 Exercises for a Strong Core

A trained core is important in many ways: it contributes to a healthy posture, supports every movement, and prevents back pain.

But in the current home office situation, many people find it difficult to exercise regularly. Specific mid-body strengthening is important at this time to compensate for constant sitting.

There are no excuses, just start!

Lest you ever come up with an excuse, FIT FOR FUN employee Tina has created a crisp 10 minute workout in our current YouTube video.

There are 15 varied exercises waiting for you that will challenge both your abdominal muscles and your back.

Train with Tina in real time: 30 seconds of tension followed by 10 seconds in which you can briefly recover. Longer breaks are not planned.

It doesn’t matter if you start the day with a little exercise, make your lunch hour active or work out a little at the end of the day, your body will thank you.

So grab your exercise mat and water bottle, put on your sports gear, and turn up the music—have fun.

1. Exercises for the rectus abdominis muscles

The first few exercises of the workout focus on your abs. The focus here is primarily on the rectus abdominis muscles.

Since your legs are in the air when you perform the exercises, the lower muscle strands are also targeted.

  • crunch variation for back
  • flutter kicks
  • toe crunch

Especially with the abs, it’s a good idea to match your breath to the movement: breathe out when you tense your abdominal muscles as you stand up, and inhale again when you bend down.

2. Variations of planks and back exercises

Now, the plank variations alternate with exercises that take care of the back. A mental focus during the execution helps you to train the muscles even more intensively.

  • plank
  • Prone leg raises
  • Superman
  • swimmer
  • shoulder taps
  • standing reverse fly

When doing the plank, you should pay attention above all to the correct basic position: make sure that the elbows are directly under the shoulders in the starting position and keep the head in extension of the back.

Tip: When doing the exercises lying on your stomach, also focus on the muscle strands of the buttocks; In this way, you can train the buttocks in addition to the back stretcher.

3. Exercises for the obliques

To round out the workout, there are now exercises that target the lateral abdominal muscles. Try to keep up with Tina’s pace and don’t rush too much despite the effort.

  • bicycle crunch
  • Side Plank Twist: Right and Left
  • russian roulette
  • heel touches
  • slow climbers

Even if your core is certainly shaking and on fire, you still need to perform the movements cleanly and precisely, and don’t forget to breathe.


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