Shakira: her tight workout, from Monday to Sunday, is now revealed by trainer Anna Kaiser

That Shakira adjusted her exercise and fitness routine for the sweaty 12-minute Super Bowl halftime show is now told by her fitness trainer Anna Kaiser, whose dance-based training method called AKT combines strength training with body toning. “Shakira places great importance on her consistency in her workouts, whether it’s strength training, cardio, endurance or flexibility, it all has to be there.” Read all about Shakira’s workout routine in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl here:

Monday: interval training

Shakira and Kaiser kick off the week with a 90-minute interval workout that combines cardio and strength training with vinyasa flows from yoga. “The focus of this workout is endurance,” Kaiser says of the high-energy cross-training session earlier in the week. “I want him to do 90 minutes with very few breaks.” Shakira, who has been a belly dancer since she was a child, likes to add elements of her own exercise routine to her workouts: “She does her moves in her own way, for example, moving her hips,” Kaisers says. “Although the exercise is very strenuous, she still enjoys it.”

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Tuesday: muscle training

Tuesday’s workout is designed as an endurance muscle workout: a 60-minute workout that uses all your muscles and is meant to tone your body, especially your upper body. While this workout includes standard abdominal exercises like planks and upper body twists, it’s designed to work your entire body. “I never focus on just one body part because there’s always a bigger goal,” Kaiser says. “When we work on your upper body, it’s just part of a bigger workout.”

Wednesday: circuit training

On Wednesday, Shakira and Kaiser do a 30-minute circuit workout consisting of eight alternating reps of 1.5-minute high-intensity training (HIT) exercises and two-minute lunges. “It’s important to incorporate a workout during the week to increase the intensity of the workout and build Shakira’s stamina,” says Kaiser. Music is another important part of a varied training session: “I always try to bring new and fresh music with me to keep my energy up and create a good mood.” The fitness trainer has created a special Spotify playlist for her training sessions with the singer, which includes remixes of Backstreet’s “No Diggity” or Shaggy’s “Bombastic.”


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