Six Pack Workout For Newbies: How To Work Out Your Abs In Just 10 Minutes

Like all other muscular parts of the body, the abdominal muscles also want to be challenged with ever new and different stimuli.

However, it can get quite tricky over time to incorporate other movement sequences and sequences into your routine abdominal training.

Fitness influencer MadFit has shared the right workout for everyone who wants to give their workout a breath of fresh air or start training their abdominal muscles from scratch.

Abdominal training with your own body weight

The workout not only includes varied exercises that challenge your abdominal muscles, but also has another advantage: you don’t need any equipment for it.

You just need to have a training mat ready, then you can start.

Here’s how it’s done: Each of the 13 exercises is performed for 30 seconds. This is followed by a brief pause in sales. The entire training lasts ten minutes.

The workout is suitable for fitness beginners, but also seasoned athletes who want to add variety to their routine and work their way up to a six-pack.

All muscle strands get rid of their fat.

Maddie has put together 13 different exercises that train the abdomen in a comprehensive way. Both rectus and lateral muscle groups need to work.

Exercises in which the legs are in the air not only activate the upper abdominal muscles but also the lower ones in a very specific way, where some fat tends to settle.

The exercises range from classic variations of sit-ups or planks to more unusual movement sequences.

With each exercise, it is important to ensure precise and clean execution. Especially when you’re new to ab training, mistakes can quickly show up.

1. Crunch Variations

The workout begins with one of the most classic abdominal exercises: the sit-up. And although the sequence of movements seems quite clear, it is easy to make mistakes during the execution.

Unlike crunches, this exercise only gets the top half of your upper body off the ground. So that you don’t sit fully upright, simply lift your shoulder blades off the exercise mat.

However, with your legs bent in the air, it will surely be easier for you not to stand up as much.

With all variations of crunches, you want to make sure that you press your lower back firmly into the mat. This way you make sure that you really use force with your abdominal muscles.

The side bumps, which are the third exercise in this workout, are similar: only the shoulder blades leave the ground, the lower abs have to work continuously.

With the Russian touch, on the other hand, you have to sit a little longer. This pose is more reminiscent of a sit-up. This works the lower and lateral abdominal muscles.

These exercises include the six pack workout:

  • crutches
  • table sit-ups
  • russian roulette
  • side taps
  • Table crunches with arms extended

2. Leg lift variations

Maddie incorporated some intense leg lift variations into her workout. These include:

  • dead bugs
  • leg raises
  • hips up
  • one leg drops

Whether you’re lowering just one leg or both limbs to the floor at the same time, your rectus abs are sure to make themselves felt quickly.

When doing this, it’s important that you don’t move your legs with momentum, but in a very controlled way. If you find the exercise difficult, you can place your hands under your buttocks; this provides stability.

The Hips Up exercise in particular will certainly make your lower abdomen quiver. “Really lift your hips up and don’t rock from side to side,” Maddie explains in the video.

3. Plank position exercises

Plank variations are very effective exercises because they train not only the stomach, but also many other muscle groups in the body, such as the legs or back.

So it is not surprising that Maddie, in addition to the normal plank, has also incorporated other variations of the exercises and movement sequences in the same starting position, for example, the mountain climber, in her training.

You can find these exercises in Maddie’s workout:

  • the climbers
  • plank
  • High plank with rides
  • Plank – straight or hip twist

In order for your body to benefit as much as possible from the exercises, it is important to ensure that they are performed correctly. This means: Place your hands directly under your shoulders and keep your head in extension of your back.

You can also pull in your belly button to better target your abdominal muscles.

Important: Even though your body is under a lot of stress during the exercises, you should make sure you breathe calmly and evenly.


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