Sport in old age?: This is how training works even with more than 80

Sports in old age?
This is how the training works even with more than 80

Even in old age, regular sport should not be neglected.

Even in old age, regular sport should not be neglected.

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When it comes to sports, age knows no limits. “Fitness Grandma” Erika Rischko and Prof. Dr. Ingo Froboese have the most important tips ready.

Is there an age limit to play sports? Not for “fitness granny” Erika Rischko (81) and Prof. Dr. Ingo Froboese (64), authors of “It’s Never Too Late to Get Fit” (ZS Verlag). In an interview with the news agency spot on news, they emphasized: “Especially in old age, it is particularly important to be physically active.” They also reveal their favorite sports exercises and give tips on staying disciplined when it comes to staying fit even in old age.

Why is it important to continue exercising regularly even in old age?

Ingo Froboese: Especially in old age, it is particularly important to be physically active to prevent age-related muscle atrophy. The loss of muscle mass has transcendental consequences for our body and especially for our metabolism.

Erika Rischko: Sport increases general well-being, can help establish new social contacts, improves physical performance and reduces the risk of falls and accidents.

What advice do you have for older exercise beginners when it comes to working out?

Froboese: Having an experienced trainer by your side helps most people do the exercises correctly. Otherwise, slow exercise with a high number of repetitions is ideal for learning new movements.

Rischko: It also helps to do exercises in front of the mirror.

What are your tips to motivate yourself?

Rischko: Start slowly and don’t overdo it. Try many things until you find what you like. Consult professionals and also find a training partner.

Froboese: Set small goals for six to eight weeks. Increase the social pressure and tell your friends and family about your project. Don’t assume too much! It’s better to focus on one change that you then implement than to have a patchwork of goals that throw you off course.

What are your five favorite exercises?

Froboese and Rischko:

The Hacker: Stand with your knees slightly bent and keep your arms straight and elbows above your ears. Reach your arms forward/back in opposite directions in small cutting motions. Actively tense your stomach and buttocks. The elbows and wrists remain firm.

The Squat: Place your feet shoulder-width apart in front of a chair, the tips of your toes turned slightly outward. Briefly touch the seat and lower it again. Keep your back straight and don’t let your knees fall inward. Our advice for an improvement: do without the chair.

The Plank: Support yourself on your forearms and toes. Keep your heels, hips, and shoulders in line. Actively bring tension to the abdomen and pull the navel in toward the spine.

The skater: Stand on the left leg and bring the right foot to the left behind the left foot. Jump to the right and land on your right leg. Then bring your left foot to the right behind your right foot and jump back to the starting position.

Jumpingjacks: Jump and spread your legs to the sides so that you are more than shoulder-width apart. At the same time, bring your arms out to the sides above your head. Jump back up and return to the starting position.


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