Sport makes you happy: these workouts bring inner balance through physical activity

However, balance is not only the goal that we want to achieve through sport, it must also be reflected in our training program, in the form of different workouts. Especially a combination of endurance and strength sports training in combination with relaxation exercises can have a positive effect on mental health. One of the most famous sports that focuses on the interaction of the body and mind is natural. yoga. It’s about self-awareness, acceptance, and appreciation, even if the headstand doesn’t work out the way you want it to. This also trains the inner balance with the help of physical exercises.

These workouts best lead to inner balance through physical balance.public relations

If you’re not that into yoga and would rather exercise, you should. cross fit attempt. Weight lifting, sprinting and body weight exercises are combined with each other. The objective is to develop in a balanced way in the different disciplines of fitness: resistance, power (power and strength), flexibility and speed. By the way, there is hardly any time left to get lost in your own thoughts. Balance not only comes from the release of hormones after training, but also during it.

Another recommendation: sports courses in which you can work together with others synchronized movements run This promotes the feeling of connection, with oneself and with others. who also with music trained, you can also completely lose the rhythm and thus avoid reflecting during training.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if it’s about fitness, dancing, rowing, swimming or meditation: the most important thing is that the focus is on the effect of feeling good and having fun. Coercion and pressure to perform have no place here and must be set aside entirely. In addition, sports sessions should not appear as rare appointments in our calendar, but rather as a regular pleasure. In order to achieve a more conscious body feeling step by step, we should rather incorporate sports activity into our daily life as a habit. Because: Only through physical balance can we also achieve inner balance.

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