Start training at home as a beginner

Some days there is a lack of motivation to go to the gym where you are registered. After all, you don’t just have to drive there by car or public transport, you also have to share fitness equipment with other people. In this article, we explain why home training is the best option in many ways.

There are good reasons to exercise at home

Training at home saves you time, money on gym memberships and protects you from getting wet in the rain or running through the snow. In addition, it offers some flexibility in terms of exercises, but also in terms of healthy eating, since you can perfectly manage your own time.

health benefits too

The efficiency of the body depends a lot on the biorhythm. So there are times when training will be harder than other times. Therefore, it is a great advantage of training at home to be able to organize time management for sports yourself. When it comes to gyms, you are bound by special opening hours and you also have to take travel time into account.

What do you need to train at home?

The most important thing when you exercise at home is your own body weight. With this alone, the most important body groups can be trained effectively. For more varied training, furniture can be used as a substitute for training equipment. A chair or the edge of a bed can be used for dips, handstands can be done on walls, and small objects can be used as a replacement for dumbbells. To protect your joints, it makes sense to use a sleeping mat instead of a towel. But training at home with Tina Halder can also provide those who don’t like to exercise with the motivation and guidance to achieve the desired results when exercising at home and without the need for expensive sports equipment.

How often should you train?

In the beginning you should do the training at home at least two or three times a week for about 30 minutes. Training at home does not have to be longer, but intense, demanding and varied, because that way you will progress better and stay motivated.

It all comes down to motivation.

To maintain motivation, a varied training at home with demanding exercises and a training plan with realistic goals is particularly helpful. Exercising with friends or at least motivating each other to exercise helps tremendously.

What types of training are recommended?

Interval workouts are a particularly good option for strength training and calorie burning at home. If you also want to train your brain and mind, Pilates and yoga are good additions to your home workout. It is important for all types of training that the warm-up and stretching time is taken into account.

3 fitness exercises to do at home

These three home fitness exercises should be an essential part of your training plan because they work multiple muscle groups at once and engage the most important muscle groups for most fitness beginners.


Many know about them, and yet many underestimate the effectiveness of squats. Most people know that this exercise in all its variations primarily trains the gluteal muscles. However, you can also burn some calories with squats and in a relatively short time. In particular, squats, in which you jump after each execution, are very demanding and beneficial. Of course, you have to make sure to use a cushioning pad or not to jump for the sake of peace in the neighborhood.


Push-ups are also a very popular and effective exercise that can be integrated into home training without any training equipment. You need to make sure that your hands are not parallel to your shoulders, but a little wider. This puts the focus particularly on the chest, which also covers this muscle group.


To be able to train the muscles of the abdominal region particularly well, planks are the best option. But the triceps, shoulders, legs and chest muscles can also be wonderfully strengthened. Since this exercise is difficult for many people at first, you can choose a short time for this exercise and gradually increase it over time.

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