Steady Arms: Effective 10-minute workout against flailing arms

Do you want tight arms that look really good in a t-shirt? We’ll show you how to conjure big arms out of flailing arms. But the change is not free:

Muscles are necessary for a sexy and firm upper arms, and you can get them through targeted strength training! But fear not: you won’t look like a bodybuilder.

Instead, your arms will get nice and firm and your muscles defined. We have prepared the perfect dumbbell fitness workout for you. Firm arms in 10 minutes (series of photos). And in the video, our expert LeaLight shows you how to shape your arms with two bottles of water.

Firm arms in 10 minutes:

You will get toned upper arms if you do this:

  1. Build muscle through strength training.
  2. Squeeze through resistance
  3. Few specific exercises
  4. the note breaks
  5. variety

1. To tone your upper arms, you need to build muscle.

Choose the resistance so strong that you can do a maximum of 6 to 10 repetitions in each round. The last repetition of each series should be difficult for you. 3 to 4 sets per exercise are effective.

If you were able to continue easily, you did not choose enough weight. After each set, take a 60-90 second break. Ideal weekly quota for firm arms in record time: 3 to 4 workouts.

2. Squeeze your upper arms with resistance

In addition to training with the maximum weight, you should also work on your muscular endurance: choose resistance so strong that you can do 12 to 15 repetitions per round. 3 rounds per exercise is enough. Take a 30-second break after each set. Ideal weekly workload: 2 to 3 workouts.

3. Choose specific exercises

Applies to muscle building as well as strength toning and endurance: For your goal, firm upper arms, choose just 2-3 exercises from our two workouts per training session.

More exercises do not bring more, but lead, especially for beginners, at most to overtraining of the arm muscles. This means that the muscles cannot fully regenerate between training sessions and strong upper arms only grow slowly.

4. Take breaks

Your arm muscles need breaks to adapt to training stimuli. Sore muscles do not hurt without reason: microcracks have formed in the stressed tissue due to stress. These are slowly repaired during the recovery phase, new cells are created, so you will be prepared for stress next time.

If you regularly increase your weight and training range and take enough breaks, this cycle will continue. Therefore, take at least one day off after each workout.

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5. Variety for tense arms

Change exercises every two to three weeks. In this way, the muscles do not get used to stress stimuli: training becomes more effective, you also have more fun and the upper arms become more toned.


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