Suitable for everyday life: anti-stress training

Stress is an unavoidable part of our modern life. But too much stress can make us sick. We show you how you can lower your stress level and feel better with a simple anti-stress workout!

How stress affects our body

Did you know that stress can affect not only our psyche but also our body? When we feel stressed, we are in a state of tension. This is exhausting and can be detrimental to long-term health.

It can affect your physical health because it weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease. Stress can also cause insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches. It can also contribute to heart disease, depression, and even cancer.

But don’t worry, there is something you can do to counteract this: regular anti-stress training! With simple exercises and relaxation techniques, you can help your body better deal with stress and minimize its negative effects.

The right anti-stress training for stressed people

Sometimes it’s good to just clear your head and stretch your legs with a leisurely walk or relaxed jog. But if you’re under stress, you should make your training a little more intensive; this not only helps clear your head, but also strengthens your immune system.

Anyone who trains regularly knows that training intensity is crucial: the more strenuous the training, the better the effect. However, with stressed people, this is often not so easy: many already feel exhausted and listless and no longer feel like doing sports.

It is precisely in such situations that it is important to find the right stimulus intensity for training. So adapt the speed of the movements and the number of repetitions to your level of performance. Gradually increase the workload and don’t burn yourself out completely. Then you will benefit the most from this program.

What is stress training?

It is a short training program designed to mobilize the body and reduce stress. This type of training can be easily integrated into everyday life and offers a welcome change from the daily routine.

Here we go

Exercise 1: Walking in Place: The Perfect Warm-up Exercise

Stand up straight and keep your back straight. You can increase the intensity by increasing the frequency of your strides or raising your knees as you walk. Move your arms in opposite directions and naturally with you. After a while, you can start jogging instead. In this case, both feet leave the ground for a short time.
Duration 5 minutes

Exercise 2: lunges

This is a great way to work your hamstrings and glutes. Make sure your core stays straight and upright throughout the movement. Take a big step forward, lowering your back knee until it’s about a foot off the ground. In the deepest position, the front knee should not protrude past the toes. Then push hard with your front foot and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement with the other leg. Do the lunges slowly and in a controlled manner.
Duration: 20 repetitions

Exercise 3: cycling

This is a great way to strengthen your leg muscles and stimulate your cardiovascular system. Find a smooth, flat surface. Lie on your back and support yourself with both forearms on the floor. Now lift both legs off the ground and simulate a cycling movement. Make this movement very wide and make the movement of the legs round and large. The faster you pedal, the higher the intensity.
Duration: 2 minutes

Exercise 4: Side Plank for Stability and Core Strength

You lie on your side on the floor. Support yourself with the forearm on the side of the body that is closest to the ground. Always keep your shoulders well away from your ear to avoid straining your neck. Your legs are one on top of the other. Now lift your pelvis and upper body off the floor, making sure your body forms a straight line. Hold this position for a period of time.
Duration: Each side 45-60 seconds

Exercise 5: Climber: the resistance classic

Get into a push-up position and look down at the ground. Now pull the knee of one leg towards your chest and then return it to its starting position. Now repeat this process with the other leg. So work alternately. You increase the difficulty of the exercise if you perform the movement faster and more explosively.
Duration: 45-60 seconds

Exercise 6: Lying on your back – pure relaxation

Relaxing in a supine position is a wonderful way to relieve the stress of the day. Lie down on a soft surface and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and feel your body relax. Imagine floating in a sea of ​​fluffy clouds. Enjoy the peace and the feeling of weightlessness. Remain supine until you feel completely relaxed.
Duration: 5 minutes

Anti-stress routine: And now it’s your turn

If you regularly do some anti-stress exercise, you will soon feel better and your body will thank you. Exercise will not only make you fitter, but also less prone to stress. Also, your immune system is strengthened and you get more energy. So, what are you waiting for? Start now!

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