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Goodbye jowls and pigment spots, hello wrinkle-free skin: facial yoga not only promises relaxation of facial muscles, but also an even complexion, more symmetry and many other benefits. It is even said to improve posture. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow (48), Jennifer Aniston (52) or Duchess Meghan (39) have been using it for years, and the results are impressive. This is how facial training works.

Facial yoga promises these advantages

We have numerous muscles in the face. Regular training builds muscles and stimulates blood circulation. This leads to a natural padding of the skin: the muscles contract less quickly, which means fewer wrinkles form. In addition, expression lines are smoothed and the entire face is tightened.

In addition, facial yoga exercises stimulate lymphatic flow and ensure that the body is better able to eliminate excess lymphatic fluid. Not only does this make the face look tighter and less puffy, it also helps the immune system. Behind “problem areas” on the face, such as jowls, puffy eyes or a stuffy nose, there is often too much lymphatic fluid – you can often feel and see a difference after just one face yoga session.

Continuity is particularly important when it comes to face yoga: It’s better to train for just five to ten minutes every day than an hour once a week. Important before the start: The face must be clean and moisturized with facial cream or oil, and the hands must be washed. Throughout the workout, it is important to maintain a straight posture and keep your shoulders down. It is best to stand in front of a mirror to be able to control the precise movements.

This is how facial yoga works: the best exercises for beginners

To warm up: Place one hand flat to the side of your head and pull your head toward your shoulders, creating a stretch in your neck. Then, with the other hand, tap down from the top of the neck to the shoulder. Repeat for about 20 seconds on each side.

For a defined jawline: Hook both thumbs under your chin, hook your index fingers and rest them on your chin. Then alternately bring one hand from your chin along your jawline to just above your ear, applying light to medium pressure and supporting your chin with your other hand. Repeat the exercise ten times on each side.

Fights double chin: “Meow” can be used to strengthen the entire lower jaw area and reduce double chin. To do this, close your mouth, place your upper and lower jaw teeth one on top of the other, and then press your entire tongue against the roof of your mouth. Then relax and repeat 20 times. For even more resistance, place one palm under your chin and hold it in a fist with your other hand.

Against nasolabial folds: Press your tongue against the inside of the left nasolabial fold as if trying to “iron” it. Then bring your tongue clockwise over the upper lip to the right nasolabial fold, to the lower jaw, and back to the left nasolabial fold. Repeat the movement 10 times clockwise and then 10 times counterclockwise.

Prevent forehead wrinkles and train forehead muscles: place both palms on the eyebrows and gently pull the skin downward to put pressure on the eyebrows. Then raise your eyebrows 20 times without frowning.

Against eye wrinkles: To strengthen the muscles around the eyes, look up without frowning. Then place the middle and index fingers under the eyes on both sides in a V shape, lightly fix them, but do not put too much pressure on the thin skin under the eyes. Now squint slightly 20 times, as if you were fixing on a point in the distance.

By the way: the best yoga exercise for facial muscles is laughing, because 17 muscles are used at once.

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