That’s why you don’t lose weight at home despite exercising

Thanks to this, we not only save a lot of valuable time, but also money: We are talking about home training. This is currently the savior that many people need, because As is well known, due to the Corona crisis, gyms have closed in recent weeks.. But of course that doesn’t mean we have to do without sports; after all, we know how to help ourselves, and therefore we already have indoor fitness equipment designed for training in your own four walls and even that best sportswear for training at home presented. Yet who thinks he can don’t do much wrong with home trainingwe have to teach him the opposite – in fact there are some mistakes we can make when training, warming up and the like and the fatal consequences for the result of our weight loss can have. Because of these mistakes you don’t lose weight despite your training at home…

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1. You do too much cardio

Endurance sport really stimulates our metabolism and is therefore essential for a healthy lifestyle. Plus, HITT exercises like jumping rope or burpees are super easy to do in your living room. However, if you go overboard with cardio units and focus exclusively on this workout, it can also prevent you from losing weight. Long sessions wear down your muscles, so they perform less despite regular exercise. So instead of jumping around for 60 minutes, you should regularly replace Pamela Reif’s dance workouts (yes, we love her too) with strength exercises using small dumbbells or your own weight.

2. You eat too much

In addition to your sports exercises at home, have you currently decided to eat particularly healthily? Congratulations! Unfortunately, a balanced diet does not mean that you will automatically lose weight and eat an infinite amount at the same time. Even if you eat healthy proteins like tofu every day, they can provide an unimaginable amount of calories. Plus, of course, you miss the walk or bike ride to the gym and thus another fat-burning process. Conclusion: old-fashioned caloric deficit. Can’t do without your food after sweaty exercises? Then take snacks in between, such as PowerBar Protein Plus bars (in a pack of 30 on Amazon, about 26 euros), so you don’t overdo the main meals and your sports bra continues to fit you well.


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