The 7 best full body exercises with and without weights you need for an effective full body workout!

A firm butt, beautiful legs, and a visible six pack, who doesn’t want that? To achieve our fitness goals and keep our bodies in top shape, we need to exercise regularly, we all know that. Monday legs, Tuesday back chest, etc. – everyone who goes to the gym knows the end of the story. Training splits are undoubtedly super effective, but they are also quite time consuming and often motivation falls by the wayside. Especially in summer we would hate to spend every night in the gym. Fortunately, so are we, because a quick full-body workout can be just as effective and challenging. Would you like to use as many muscle groups as possible in the shortest amount of time? Then you are exactly here! So you can spend more time with your loved ones, we’ve researched and put together the best full-body exercises. Whether with or without weights for home training, there is something for everyone!

What is a full body workout and what are the benefits?

Although today we are going to talk about the best exercises for the whole body, that is only half of the story. In reality, there is no exercise that involves absolutely all the muscles of our body at the same time. The goal of a full body workout is to train your core muscles and all the major muscle groups such as legs, back, shoulders, chest, and glutes. Most exercises combine strength and resistance training in one movement, which in turn increases fat burning. One of the biggest advantages of full-body exercises is that workouts typically last 30-45 minutes. The weekly schedule is also quite flexible and if you don’t have the time or energy for sports, you can easily catch up on the unit the next day.

Who is a full body workout suitable for?

Running Squats The Best Full Body Exercises Bodyweight Workouts

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fitness or have been training for several years, absolutely anyone can incorporate full-body exercises into their fitness routine. Since beginners often have very weak muscles, it is recommended that they start with a full body workout. If you are already experienced, you can increase the difficulty by adding weights and doing the exercises at a higher intensity.

The best full body exercises without weights

Shoulder press exercises for the whole body Benefits Lose weight

Do you want to tone your body and build muscle, but don’t feel like a crowded gym? Then you’d be in good hands with the following full-body exercises without weights. Bodyweight training can be just as effective and strenuous, and it’s easy to do anywhere. After all, the more muscle groups that are active, the more energy we use. Therefore, a weightless full body workout is ideal for stimulating fat burning and muscle building at the same time. And here are the best weight-free full-body exercises to include in your fitness routine.

Bodyweight Squats

Running Squats The Best Full Body Exercises Bodyweight Workouts

Squats are hands down one of the best full body exercises without weights and should be a regular part of any training routine. Although the squat is considered more of a lower-body exercise, it engages the lower back and abs in addition to the legs and butt. Proper technique is essential to getting the most out of your workout. So that you don’t make the most common squat mistakes, we’ll quickly explain how to squat correctly.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Slowly lower your body to a 90-degree angle and hold for a few seconds.
  • Exhale and slowly push your upper body up.
  • To increase the difficulty, do the exercise with a resistance band or increase the intensity.

burpee execution

Burpees for weight loss are the best bodyweight exercises for the entire body.

Yes, yes, we know. Burpees are a true love-hate relationship and hardly anyone enjoys doing burpees. However, we burn a lot of calories and use all the important muscle groups at the same time. So it’s no surprise that burpees are also among the best full-body exercises without weights. And this is how burpees are done correctly:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Squat down deeply and place your hands on the ground in front of your feet.
  • Jump back with your feet at the same time and do a push-up.
  • Then crouch down with your feet forward again and straighten up.
  • The exercise can be quite difficult, especially for novices. Here’s a burpee variation for beginners: Just skip the jump and pushup and go into the classic plank position at the bottom.

jumping cat

Jumping jack calorie intake best full body exercises deadlift

Although jumping jacks are often derided as an exercise by the pros, you break a sweat after a few minutes. The intense jumps stimulate fat burning and the movement trains your legs, glutes, thighs, arms and core at the same time. And this is how to do jumping jacks correctly:

  • Stand up straight and keep your feet next to each other.
  • Then jump quickly, spreading your legs out to the sides as you raise your arms above and above your head.
  • Jump back to the starting position and repeat the movement as intensely as possible several times.
  • To increase the difficulty level, combine jumping jacks with squats.

The best full-body exercises: push-ups and planks

Push-ups for beginners Full body exercises with your own weight

Super effective, versatile and very exhausting – of course push-ups and planks should not be missing from our list of the best full body exercises without weights. In addition to the upper body, the abdominal muscles are also trained, as well as the legs and buttocks. For more variety during training and to increase the level of difficulty, you can try different variations of push-ups and planks as you wish.

The best full bodyweight exercises

Full Body Workout for Weight Loss Execution of Kettle Bell Swings

Do you go to the gym regularly or have you set up your own gym at home? Then you should definitely add the following full bodyweight exercises to your training routine.

deadlift execution

best exercises for total body weight loss performing barbell deadlifts

The deadlift is hands down one of the best total bodyweight exercises and should be a regular part of any training plan. You’ll work all the important muscles in your lower back while working your glutes and thighs. The abdomen is also kept tight during the execution and is also trained. Proper execution of the deadlift is essential to avoid injury. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Place the bar on the ground in front of you and directly over your midfoot.
  • Stand shoulder-width apart and hold the bar shoulder-width apart with an overhand grip.
  • Then bend your upper body forward so your shoulders are slightly ahead of the bar.
  • Bend your knees slightly and pull your shoulder blades back and down.
  • Bring the bar up to hip height in a controlled manner and push your pelvis forward.
  • Slowly lower the weight back down with a straight back and repeat.
  • As you do this, make sure your back stays straight and your head stays in a natural extension of your spine.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettle Bell Swing Exercise Running Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Kettlebell swings are also a great full-body exercise to train your abs, glutes, thighs, back, shoulders, and forearms at the same time. And here is a quick guide on how to do it correctly.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the kettlebell with both hands in an overhand grip.
  • Point your feet slightly out.
  • Lift the kettlebell up into the air while straightening your knees and tensing your butt.
  • Then take a deep breath, push your lower body back, and bring your upper body down and forward at your hips.
  • When performing the exercise, make sure that your back remains straight and that the power of the exercise comes only from your hips.

Full Bodyweight Exercises: Shoulder Press Lunges

best total body weight loss exercises shoulder press lunges

Shoulder press lunges are the perfect exercise to train your upper and lower body at the same time and really work up a sweat! As a bonus, you will also improve your balance and coordination. How to do it right:

  • Stand up straight and hold the dumbbells above your shoulders.
  • Take a big step forward and lower your body until your knee forms a 90-degree angle with the ground.
  • Slowly raise your body while pressing the dumbbells above your head.
  • Repeat the movement with the other leg.

Squat Variations For Beginners The Best Full Body Exercises Own Weight

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