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Chris did a training session every other day. The realization after more than a week: As with many things in Cannes, the problem is not motivation, but regeneration.

My physical trainer would now complain that I was having too much fun with his exercises. © OutNow/ebe

For more than a week we have been doing the annual film madness on the Croisette again. That really wears you down, especially since you only go to bed between 1-2am due to the last few seasons and then can sit in the movie theater chair again at 9am.

Me, a maniac, I don’t think that’s exhausting enough and I do a one hour training session every other day. Since our place to stay is a 30 minute walk from the Croisette and we rarely go back during the day, I must/can do my training early in the morning. That means getting up at 6:30 am, a bowl of homemade oatmeal and a black coffee (nutrition accounts for 70-80% of training success), followed by a 10-minute warm-up with a short jog, and then the exercise mat. yoga.

At first this was still pretty easy – I reported. But the longer the festival lasts, the more difficult it becomes. The trainings always went smoothly and thanks to the new trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” there was a lot of motivation.

But the main problem lies in the lack of regeneration. Seven to eight hours is recommended for training success and I really couldn’t keep my 5-6 hours up the last few days. However, tiredness does not usually manifest itself first thing in the morning, but throughout the afternoon, after eating, when the sun still beats down pleasantly. Training multiplies the intense drowsiness that all festival goers should be familiar with. Coffee, cola or just lots of liters of water gets you through the day, before it starts all over again after another night that was too short.

Would you follow a training plan like this again at the next Cannes Film Festival? With the prevailing weariness and exhaustion, my response would be to Daniel Craig, who was interviewed in spectrum he said he’d rather slit his wrists than make another Bond movie right now. But I also have to say that the training saved me from back pain.

In addition, it was also somehow a great feeling that no rolls formed in the stomach when I was sitting in the chair in the cinema. Especially with the scene in Top Gun: Maverick, in which Tom Cruise & Friends play soccer topless in the cabin with their hardened bodies, that would have been a bit depressing. Before making the final decision, I literally fall asleep a bit.

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Chris Schelb [crs]

Chris has worked for OutNow since 2008 and has been editor-in-chief since 2011. Ever since he fell into a cauldron of videocassettes as a kid, he’s been interested in seeing all kinds of things, like the Cannes and Toronto film festivals. your favorites

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