The workout that gets Alicia Keys in shape for the world tour

Alicia Keys is one of the most successful singers of our time. Her world tour begins on June 9 and will last until September 24. It is logical that she requires perseverance and perseverance. FITBOOK explains the training with which the 41-year-old prepares.

Alicia Keys will be giving concerts all over the world for about four months. To overcome this, she is currently getting into shape and training with choreographer and personal trainer Anna Kaiser, who has already worked with stars like Shakira. So she knows what is important when it comes to the physical condition of a musician. Now, the physical trainer has published an exercise video with Alicia Keys. You can see medicine balls, fitness bands, and plyometric boxes.

Lateral lunges with medicine balls

The first exercise seen in the clip on Instagram is a modified side lunge, also known as a side lunge. Alicia Keys and Anna Kaiser do side lunges and each have a medicine ball in hand. First comes the lunge, as soon as it comes back up, reach your arms diagonally with the medicine ball. This exercise is especially useful for the thighs and buttocks. The training also stresses the hip muscles and trains the balance.

Side lunges also train adductors and abductors. Medicine balls add weight to the workout, making the exercises even more intense. The mentioned muscles are very important for longer dance choreographies and therefore must be in good shape. Alicia Keys’ trainer explains the principle behind her training below the video: “We use power and strength to build her stamina and stamina so she’s ready for anything on stage.”

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Plyometric and HIIT training

For resistance, Keys and Kaiser use exercise bands and plyometric boxes. To be more precise: in plyometric training, mainly to promote coordination. Plyo boxes are mostly made of wood, but there are also models made with foam padding. They support training involving explosive jumps and high-speed exercises. Alicia Keys also incorporates some HIIT (high intensity interval training) combinations into her workout. With the resistance of the fitness bands, the exercises become much more difficult and stress the body many times.

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Above all, explosive power is trained in plyometric training. This type of training also promotes muscle building as well as mobility, reaction and balance. HIIT items improve stamina and fitness, among other things. It can also burn excess fat effectively. The exercises are performed in combination with the plyometric box. Alicia Keys uses squats, planks, step-ups, and other jumping exercises. In an interview with “Shape”, Anna Kaiser revealed that her famous client of hers does this workout about three or four times a week to prepare as well as possible for the upcoming world tour.

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