These 4 sports are especially effective for losing weight


In high-intensity interval training, short, very intense stress phases alternate with less strenuous phases. One interval leads to muscle exhaustion and maximal muscle oxygen consumption, the other interval consists of recovery phases with low to medium intensity. In the high-intensity interval phase, the heart reaches its maximum heart rate of 85 to 100 percent. In the “recovery” phase, your heart rate should drop to 40 to 50 percent of your maximum heart rate. With high intensity interval training it is possible to burn a lot of fat in a short training time, and best of all: you can do HIIT, but you don’t have to train in the studio: either on the treadmill or the elliptical in your gym at home, but also with swimming and cycling, jumping or running, you can always push yourself to the maximum according to a plan and then slow down again.

HIIT training is considered a true fat burning workout because the fast intervals ensure that fat burning is really fueled.

Here’s how sports scientists rate HIIT training:

  • muscles are built
  • metabolism is stimulated
  • blood pressure is reduced
  • Cholesterol levels are lowered
  • Fat reduction is stimulated.

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3. Rotate

Indoor cycling is the ideal sport for anyone who likes to train in a group. Spinning bike or indoor workouts are often done in a larger group at the gym; the trainers push the group and repeatedly ask them to increase their resistance or increase their speed. High intensity spinning is a very powerful way to increase fat burning.

That’s why sports doctors recommend spinning:

  • The cardiovascular system is trained.
  • Joints are respected
  • Resistance of rotating trains
  • Core muscles are strengthened
  • Fat reduction is stimulated.
  • stress is reduced

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4. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most effective sports for losing body fat and improving endurance. Resistance training in the water strengthens the cardiovascular system and thus also supports the immune system and activates the metabolism by adapting the body to the lower water temperature. Big plus: Swimming burns a lot of calories: A 30-minute bath burns about 350 calories.. If you train for an hour, you’ll get a whopping 700 calories: A caloric deficit of 700 calories per day would theoretically mean a weight loss of one kilogram of fat in 10 days.


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