This training is brilliant insider tip.

The new fitness trend for 2023 is… running backwards! We explain what advantages it brings.

Running backwards makes you fit

We can always walk without much effort. With this natural movement we get a health effect anyway; If we now practice running backwards, it is a real challenge for the brain to recover the learned sequences in the opposite direction. Researchers have found that walking backwards burns about 40 percent more calories than walking forwards. Studies even show that regular walking and running backwards have a strengthening effect on breathing and oxygen delivery to the bloodstream.

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Running backwards burns more calories.

Anyone who runs regularly backwards also improves their performance when running normally forwards: the variety strengthens the entire leg musculature. Studies have also shown that up to 30 percent more calories can be burned.

Running backwards counteracts knee and back pain

Those who go forward do not always pay attention to their posture and sometimes drop their heads. Walking backwards, on the other hand, we focus on our posture and therefore automatically walk more upright; this strengthens the muscles in the lumbar spine area.

Knee pain can also be relieved by walking backwards: a team of experts from Cardiff University found that walking backwards can reduce the compressive forces behind the kneecap that cause pain.

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Running backwards as memory training

A scientific study carried out by psychologists at the University of Roehampton in London has shown that subjects who walk backwards have a significantly better memory: in this experiment, 100 people watched the same videos, after which some should walk forward and others they should walk. backward. The subsequent survey showed that the test persons who walked backwards could remember what they had seen much better. Other experiments also revealed that the effect was also present when the participants only imagined themselves moving backwards. Director of Studies Dr. Aksentijevic called this effect a “motion-induced past-directed mental time travel that improves memory performance for different types of information.” In other words: those who go backwards think about the past, those who advance think about the future.

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