Toned from top to bottom: This workout gets you fit without equipment

Would you like to get back in shape? We have something for you. Fitness expert Lea Light trains your entire body from top to bottom. And you can do it comfortably at home without any device. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All links relevant to mediation have a
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We’ll show you a full-body workout you can use to stay fit in your own four walls. Coach LeaLight has prepared what you need: 40 minutes of full power are waiting for you!

Full body workout.

The full body workout is divided into four chapters, each of which has a different focus and thus sends intensive stimuli to the respective parts.

Before each chapter, Lea explains what exercises are waiting for you next, so that you are prepared and can really give it your all during training time!

Within the training blocks, 40 seconds of tension alternate with 20 seconds of rest. So you can catch your breath in the middle, but keep your pulse high overall.

Since this is a bodyweight workout, all you need is yourself, a non-slip surface, and a towel or yoga mat if needed. Then the fun can begin: give it your all!

Chapter 1: Legs and Butt

During training, Lea works her way from the bottom up, so let’s start with some effective exercises for the legs and buttocks. The following exercises are waiting for you:

  • plank jumps
  • Squat Leg Raises – Both Sides
  • floor scale
  • Dirty Dog Donkey Kicks – Both Sides

With all exercises, proper execution is the most important thing: pay attention to the working muscle threads and actively tense your core.

“Very important; you don’t have to work at my pace,” Lea emphasizes. “If you want to work slower or faster, feel free to do so!”

Chapter 2: Abdominal exercises

In the next chapter, you’ll work your abs with four challenging exercises.

  • Side Star Plank & Crunch – Both Sides
  • flutter kicks
  • leg lift
  • Plank Crunch – Both Sides

With the good combination of exercises that Lea has put together here, both the rectus and lateral muscles are trained and the lower abdomen gets rid of its fat as well.

If you experience lower back pain during exercises with your legs raised, decrease your range of motion. Also, when doing the plank, be sure to keep your head in extension from your back.

Chapter 3: Strong Upper Body

Having put a lot of demands on your lower body and stomach, now it’s time to warm up your entire upper body: tension is the order of the day!

  • Push-ups and Child’s Posture
  • shoulder tapping
  • swimmer
  • Tricep dips on the floor

Chapter 4: Cardio Finishers

Haven’t you completely exhausted yourself yet? Then wait a minute: thanks to resistance exercises, the last few minutes are still hard. So give it all back!

  • high kicks
  • Boxer
  • hip twist
  • Plank Kick Spin

To make these exercises as effective as possible, you can actively re-tension your core, and don’t forget to breathe. After two rounds you’re done. Very good!

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7 minute glute workout – train that tight butt with LeaLight
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