Train like J.Lo: 11 exercises from his training

According to fitness guru David Kirsch
Jennifer Lopez: The 11 best exercises of her training

Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo

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Who doesn’t dream of having a top figure like superstar Jennifer Lopez? Her trainer David Kirsch has now revealed which exercises J.Lo includes in her workout routine. And anyone can easily imitate them!

It’s true that not all of us can afford a fitness guru like David Kirsch as a personal trainer. Lucky for us, the trainer of Hollywood’s rich and famous occasionally chats out of the ordinary: the American magazine Hello For example, he just revealed the tough workout plan he created for Jennifer Lopez. With exercises that each of us can imitate!

Circuit training two to three times a week.

According to Kirsch, J. Lo does circuit training two to three times a week for 45 to 60 minutes each to stay in top shape. The training plan consists of eleven exercises, each of which must be performed for 60 seconds. If you switch sides during an exercise, only 30 seconds each. Do you want to try hard training? Here we reveal the individual exercises in detail:

1. Sumo Squads

For this exercise, stand up straight with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Then turn your toes out and slowly squat down deeply. Hold this position for a moment. and as you exhale push yourself back to the starting position. Tip: To make the exercise even more effective, you can do one at the same time medicine ball hold.

2. Reverse lunges

This exercise is a back lunge. Return to a standing position, this time with your feet parallel and hip-width apart. The upper part of the body remains upright. Then step back with one leg until the knee touches the ground. Make sure your front knee is at a 90 degree angle. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

3. plank

Get on all fours first. Then stretch your legs back and push up on your toes, resting your upper body on your forearms. therefore, it is a forearm support. It is important that the shoulders are parallel to the hands. For an added level of difficulty à la Jennifer Lopez, you can also hold a medicine ball in your hands.

4. Lateral lungs

This time it’s side lunges. Stand up straight and put your hands on your hips. Then do a big side lunge with one leg until the knee reaches a 90 degree angle. The other leg and back remain in a straight position, Lean your upper body slightly forward. Slowly push back to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

5. Dumbbell Row

For this exercise you must dumbbells use. Come back to the plank with your hands resting on the dumbbells. Then alternately lift one dumbbell at a time – make sure your elbows are moving toward the ceiling. You must repeat the exercise 30 times per side.

6. Taps on the shoulders

For this exercise you also go to the plank, but this time without dumbbells. Now alternately pat your shoulders with your hands. This exercise is repeated 30 times on each side.

7. Side planks

This exercise is ideal for a slim waist! Lie on your side and support your weight on your forearm. Then raise the pelvis so that the body forms a straight line. and raise your free arm in the air. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

8. Overhead strikes

You will also need a medicine ball for this exercise. Hold it above your head with your arms outstretched, then slam it hard into the ground. Do as many repetitions as you can in 60 seconds. If you have sensitive flooring and/or don’t want to disturb the neighbors, it’s best to do this exercise, which is a favorite of David Kirsch, outdoors.

9. Trunk rotation

This exercise mobilizes the spine and can stabilize the entire trunk. Stand up straight and turn your toes slightly out. Then bend your legs, keeping your arms straight. Then alternately rotate your chest to one side at a time. Make sure your pelvis stays straight forward – using a resistance band makes the exercise even more effective. You can place it somewhere at shoulder height, grab it, and perform the rotation with resistance.

10. Rowing Squat and Bicep Curl

A simple exercise with a somewhat complicated name, which you can also use in resistance band need. Stand on the band, holding the ends with both hands. and crouch. When you stand up, pull the band towards your body.

11. Triceps Extensions

You will also need a resistance band for this exercise. face it again but this time reach back and from there pull the straps towards your face.

After training comes relaxation.

The training is extremely strenuous: after each session, sufficient time must be taken to allow the body to recover. For example, David Kirsch recommends going to the sauna for optimal relaxation.

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