Training: 5 minutes of time? Then these are your best fitness exercises.

Do you only have a few minutes left to exercise and want to make the most of the little time? Fortunately, there are some exercises you can use to challenge your body in no time.

The workouts aim to challenge the body and use the muscles as best as possible. However, in stressful everyday life, time is often lacking for long and intense sports sessions.

Fortunately, there are individual exercises that work several muscle groups intensely at the same time. So if you only have a few minutes left for your workout, the following exercises are worth a try.

1. Plank

Unlike sit-ups or sit-ups, which also work your abs, planks work your entire core. This includes not only the front, but also the lateral and deep muscle layers in the abdomen.

With the proper tension, the plank can also use other muscle groups in the lower body as well as the back and arms.

“Planks also don’t put too much stress on your joints, so you can do them every day,” explains fitness icon Kayla Itsines.

Another plus: you can do the exercise anywhere without equipment. The floorboard can also be designed in various ways with different variants.

2. Spider-Man Push Up

Push-ups alone are extremely demanding. However, if you want to use your upper body even more, this variation might be interesting for you.

“Spider-Man’s push-up is harder than normal push-ups because there are only three points of contact with the ground,” boxing trainer Dale Santiago revealed in an insider post on

“By lifting one foot, your upper body is forced to carry more body weight, forcing you to work harder. This targets muscle growth in your chest, triceps, and delts,” he explains.

3. Glute Bridges

If your goal is a toned butt, you should definitely not ignore this exercise.

“The glute bridge is one of the most underrated exercises for strengthening your glutes and lower back,” says certified trainer Kira Stokes.

Glute bridges are not only easy on the joints, but can also be performed anywhere without equipment. If the classic variant is too boring for you, you can change the exercise and bring more tension to the matter by additionally raising one leg.

If you want, find an object to put on your waist for the weight. The increased resistance puts even more stress on the muscles.

4. Ship and Warrior Pose

Yoga should not be underestimated. Some of the poses work multiple muscle groups at the same time and can be quite strenuous.

“When you assume a yoga pose, you build muscle through isometric contraction. Even though it doesn’t look like you’re doing much, your muscles are working really hard,” explains yoga specialist Claire Grieve.

There are some poses that are particularly effective for building muscle, such as Boat Pose and Warrior Pose.

“Boat Pose can strengthen your abs and spine and improve posture,” says Grieve.

“Even in order to perform warrior pose correctly, all the major muscle groups need to be engaged,” says Grieve: “It’s particularly effective for building leg muscles and strengthening and stretching back muscles.”

5. Climb stairs

Do you want to put your cardiovascular system in gear? Then an intensive round of stair climbing is ideal for you.

In addition to your endurance, this exercise also trains your legs, glutes, and core.

“Climbing stairs not only uses multiple muscle groups, but can even help improve posture,” says Caleb Backe, a personal trainer and health expert.

If you also carry a bag, your muscles in the lower half of your body will benefit. Make sure you always go full foot, as this especially affects the hamstrings and buttocks.

One more reason to always use the stairs and not the elevator.

Combine your mini training!

Depending on how much time you have left, you can also build slightly longer training sessions out of these different exercises and work out a bit more.

If you perform the individual movements precisely and cleanly, even a training session of just a few minutes can engage your muscles.

Holding exercises in particular are very suitable for stimulating the muscles and thus reduce the loss of muscle mass at times of little training.

cornelia bertram

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