Training for a strong back: four exercises with kettlebells

Today I would like to introduce you to a kettlebell workout to strengthen your back muscles.

Preparation: the best stage in the world

Before we start, we want to prepare the body a bit. In this sense, no exercise is as good as the “best stretch in the world.” The exercise improves the mobility of the lower and upper body. This exercise is the ideal start for all people who do a sedentary job.

  • big step back with the right leg
  • straighten right hip
  • Squeeze your glutes and feel the stretch in your front hips.
  • left elbow lower to mat – inhale
  • left arm rotates towards the ceiling – exhalation
  • The head turns and the gaze follows the hand.
  • the right hand actively pushes the ground

5 to 10 repetitions per side are recommended for this exercise. If you find that one side is significantly more immobile, you can do a few more reps.

Now let’s get into training. Here you will do circuit training and do the 4 exercises in a row. For each exercise, the load time is 40 seconds and the rest time is 20 seconds. After a complete lap, you have earned a 1 minute break. Depending on your level of training, you can complete the circuit 1-3 times in total.

1st exercise: deadlift

The deadlift, also known as deadlift, is probably the best exercise for our back muscles. Hardly any other exercise uses as many muscles in the back of the body. In addition, the exercise has a great transfer to day to day and trains us to correctly lift heavy objects. This exercise should not be missing in your back training.

initial position

starting position 2

Jens Kettmann

  • Kettlebell sits directly in the middle between your feet
  • Bend your hips and shift your center of gravity back (hip hinge)
  • Keep your back long and stable
  • “Screw” your feet into the floor and tense the back of your thighs

end position

end position 2

Jens Kettmann

  • push the ground with your feet
  • Stretch your knees and hips and make your body tall.
  • The buttocks should feel mainly
  • exhale as you go up

2nd exercise: Rowing with one arm

Unilateral training is a great way to avoid or counter possible imbalances between left and right. Rowing with one arm is a great way to strengthen the muscles of the broad back and the muscles of the rear shoulders. This exercise is excellent for all office workers.

initial position

starting position 3

Jens Kettmann

  • take a broad stance
  • Straighten the back – long spine
  • Remove shoulders from ears – proud chest

end position

end position 3

Jens Kettmann

  • Elbow pull kettlebell to hip – exhale
  • The shoulder blade moves with the exercise.
  • Briefly hold tension at the rearmost point
  • slowly return to starting position – inhale

3. Exercise: Hip Thrust

This exercise primarily trains the gluteal muscles. However, this is an important stabilizer for the lower back, and therefore also an important component for a strong back.

initial position

Starting position 4

Jens Kettmann

  • Kettlebell is at belly button height (possibly put a mat/cushion under it)
  • Generates body tension and prevents flaccidity in the back
  • Actively push off the floor with your feet and straighten your hips – exhale

end position

end position 4

Jens Kettmann

  • In the top position, consciously contract your glutes and abdomen (core).
  • lower slowly with body tension – inhalation
  • stop dead and repeat before the front

4th exercise: pull-ups

The pull-up is the ultimate back exercise. Hardly any other exercise trains the upper back as effectively as pull-ups. Depending on the execution of the exercise (wide or narrow grip), the broad muscle of the back (latissimus) is trained proportionally more or less.

If you’re a beginner, you can also use a resistance band for this exercise and wrap it around your pull-up bar and knee. This makes the exercise easier.

initial position

starting position 5

Jens Kettmann

  • elbows are stretched
  • shoulders are removed from ears
  • now pull your chest towards the pull up bar – exhale

end position

last position 5

Jens Kettmann

  • lower slowly in a controlled manner – inhalation
  • Return arms to full extension


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