Tutorial and Workout: Top Ten Bodyweight Exercises in a Small Space

Bulgarian Split Squats, Hammer Curls, Reverse Flys…. Please that? With the number of fitness exercises you can find, it’s not just beginners who feel overwhelmed at first.

Not only can he be easily restless, but he can also be easily injured.

Lots of practice and little perspective

Especially as a (re)beginner, with this variety of exercises, you quickly can’t see the forest for the trees and you don’t even know how to start with the training. That can be quite demotivating, even before you start training.

That is why many amateur athletes like to integrate classic exercises such as squats or push-ups into their workouts, as these are the most well-known exercises for large muscle groups, which means that a corresponding amount of calories is burned during training. However, these classics can also get pretty drab over time.

And here comes the catch: It is precisely with these so-called expert exercises that small posture or execution errors easily creep in, even in advanced users, which then manifest themselves and, in the worst case, do more harm than good.

Logical: even without a trainer nearby, you want to train the whole body, as balanced as possible, with little space and low risk of injury. Then check out our exercise tutorial!

The 10 best exercises for the whole body

FIT FOR FUN presents you with the ten most effective exercises for a full body workout – all you need is your own body weight and a mat.

With Nicole Heintke and Anna-Lena Vahle from “Power & Soul” you can train your whole body in just 15 minutes, with classics and their new interpretations.

The best: you will find two variants for each exercise: one for beginners or people with joint problems and one for advanced users.

It’s totally up to you if you want to train with the two together or if you prefer to use the video as a tutorial to create your own workout afterwards.

A workout for beginners and advanced.

Step by step, each of the ten exercises is explained in detail, what to look for and how to prevent injuries. Plus, you’ll always be shown alternatives that are easy on your knees and friendly to the neighborhood, or even skipping.

The training is divided into three areas: it starts with exercises for the legs and buttocks, followed by exercises for the upper body and then the stomach is stimulated.

Top 10 for the whole body:

Grab your fitness mat and warm up, because with this workout you no longer have excuses, even if you have a small flat!

These exercises await you:

Legs and bottom:

Upper part of the body:

  • Incline Lateral Raises
  • Pushups + Down Dog
  • Superman
  • plank jacks



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