What is piloxing and how many calories does it burn?

It’s true that US fitness trends are a dime a dozen. However, a very special training program has remained constant and successful for several years: Piloxing! I never heard? FITBOOK explains what’s behind it and why it might be worth trying for yourself.

Piloxing is a so-called hybrid training in which various forms of training are combined. This trend from the US has been making its way into our European fitness studios for several years now. FITBOOK explains the training method.

What is pyloxing?

The word itself already reveals which two sports form the basis of training: Pilates and boxing. With Pilates as the first component of cross-training, Piloxing incorporates time-tested exercises for good posture, toned abs, and a strong back. Movement sequences from boxing in connection with dance steps to fast music give things a lot of momentum. The result is a sweaty, full-body workout mix.

Who Invented Piloxing?

The creator of the innovative training method is the Swedish Viveca Jensen. As a professional dancer, Pilates teacher, amateur boxer, personal trainer, and bodybuilder, she is a true multi-sports talent. In 2010 she founded her own Piloxing Academy in Los Angeles. The piloxing training concept is primarily aimed at women who not only want to get stronger physically but also mentally and thus want to improve their self-confidence and their own body awareness. Jensen’s motto is: “Elegant. Sexy. Powerful.” (loosely translated: “Elegant. Sexy. Strong”).

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How does the training method work?

But how exactly does a piloxing session work? Start with a short warm-up to relax your muscles and prepare for your workout. This is followed by interval training, where you actually work out. Smoother, more sedate Pilates exercises standing or lying on the mat alternate in phases with powerful, fast-paced boxing sequences and dance steps. Sometimes the phases are also mixed to train one’s coordination skills. Now that you’ve been breaking a sweat, there’s a relaxing cool down at the end of the hour-long training session.

The right music is also an important element to increase the fun factor and to add an extra touch of motivation to each unit. The piloxing playlist features upbeat chart hits and dynamic dance music.

How effective is piloxing?

Almost all parts of the body are used during piloxing. The stretching and full-body elements of Pilates primarily strengthen the deep muscle groups around the stomach and pelvis and ensure better posture. Quick boxing and dance exercises are particularly effective for strengthening endurance and the cardiovascular system. Legs, glutes, arms and shoulders are also trained. Piloxing is also a true fat killer. The cardio strength training mix burns up to 600 calories per hour.

Is special equipment required?

Normally, you don’t need any special equipment for piloxing training. The training is done with the usual sports clothes and mostly barefoot, if you want you can also wear non-slip socks. However, advanced users sometimes use special training gloves. These are packed with 300 grams of pellets each and are meant to increase muscle buildup in the arms and shoulders.

What programs are there?

Overall, Jensen has already developed four different piloxing programs. In addition to the classic “Piloxing SSP”, there is also the “Piloxing Barre”, which also includes ballet elements, and the particularly intensive “Piloxing Knockout”, which combines Pilates with functional training. The latest addition to the Piloxing family is Piloxing The Mix. Due to the growing interest in dance due to popular US dance shows like “So You Think You Can Dance”, the focus here is mostly on the latest dance moves from the Los Angeles dance scene.

Who is Piloxing suitable for?

In principle, it is a sport suitable for everyone. Followers swear by the results of demanding high-intensity training that are particularly visible quickly. However, this should not be underestimated! If you suffer from cardiovascular problems or experience pain during training, it is urgent that you consult a doctor.

Where can you try Piloxing?

Piloxing is usually a group workout, which is already offered in many European fitness studios. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the course program of your own study first. You can also find out which gyms offer the training on the Piloxing Academy website itself. By the way, Jensen has protected its training concept, so trainers need a special certificate to be able to offer piloxing.

It is advisable, especially for fitness beginners, to attend a guided course first, otherwise there is a risk that you will perform the exercises incorrectly and the desired training effect will not occur. With a little experience, you can continue to train alone at home, for example with a training program on DVD. There is also one of these from the inventor herself.

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