Workout for the beach body: 10 strong exercises for abs, legs and buttocks

In the video of our trainers Anna-Lena and Nicole you will find out which exercises you can use to train your stomach, legs and buttocks (BBP). Participation wanted!

At the beginning of the video, Nicole explains the simple training concept: “Ten exercises with 20 reps each.”

Trainers recommend doing two to three rounds total.

That’s all you need to know to be able to do the exercise alone or with your favorite gym buddy at home.

All exercises at a glance

  1. high kicks
  2. squat
  3. Crossed
  4. lungs
  5. Plank/Faucet Outlets
  6. break dancers
  7. paratrooper
  8. glute bridge
  9. Kneel to squat
  10. Razor

combined classics

Squats, lunges, planks – most exercises will be familiar to you if you’ve attended a fitness class designed specifically for BBPs.

These absolute workout “classics” are combined in the video into one sweaty, effective workout.

However, some exercises, such as break dancers, kneeling to squat or jackknife, may be unfamiliar even to regular fitness class attendees.

Therefore, they are explained in more detail here.

break dancers

We know that break dancers are extremely well trained, not only since breakletics became a mega trend.

That’s why we can perfectly integrate one of his movements in our training.

In this exercise you start in the high plank. From there, alternately stretch one leg below the hip to the other side.

Then bring the arm on the opposite side to your foot so your abdominal muscles really have to work.

Kneel to squat

Begin this exercise with both knees on the ground and your upper body straight.

Now you lift your legs alternately, but they remain bent for you to squat down.

Stay in this position for a moment before slowly lowering your legs back down in the same order you placed them.

To avoid balance problems, it is advisable to carry your arms with you.


The last exercise is hard again: Jack Knives works all the front abdominal muscles and also strengthens the hip muscles.

To do them, you should start in a supine position with your arms stretched out behind you.

From there, try to bring your arms and legs together in the air. She ensures that both are always stretched.

After folding, return to the starting position at the same speed.


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