World Health Day: climate-adapted exercise in the garden

no In keeping with the theme for World Health Day today, April 7, “Our Planet, Our Health,” you can do good for the environment and your physical and mental health through smart, green gardening . Gardening burns a good amount of calories: between 250 and 500 kilocalories/hour, depending on the intensity of the work. However, just like in sports, you should pay attention to correct posture and smooth movements.

“Through ecological gardening according to the ‘nature in the garden’ criteria, you can make your personal contribution to climate protection and at the same time improve your own quality of life. Gardening has been proven to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Low-noise or low-noise rakes and other tools are also good for the mind, the environment and the animals that live in the garden,” says Katja Batakovic, Technical Director of the “Nature in the Garden” movement.

10 tips for careful gardening

Visit the garden regularly, two or three times a week if possible, in units of about thirty minutes. Shorter but regular exercise is more beneficial than a weekend “hash-jerk” action. Work doesn’t have to be sweaty, every form of movement counts.

It pays to do a light warm-up and stretch, especially before doing heavy gardening. In this way, the muscles can optimally do their part of the work and tensions are avoided.

Do not lift too much weight at one time, it is better to cover the necessary distances more often, this also promotes the training effect.

Bend your knees when lifting heavy objects like flower pots, bags of earth, and full watering cans. Objects should be lifted with the force of the thighs and not “through the back”.

Keep your back straight and avoid a hollow or hunched back. Consciously tense the necessary muscle groups, such as the muscles in your arms, when you take the shower.

Working face down for long periods of time should be avoided. It is better to bend over and keep your back straight.

It is not ideal for the back, but it is often necessary to work on your knees. Special padding or knee pads, which can be put on or sewn directly into work pants, as well as temporarily changed from one knee to the other, protect them. A small garden stool can also be very useful to provide relief and variety in the sequence of movements.

Switch from one activity to another. Monotonous and long duration movements only tense certain parts of the body and then in excess, which promotes muscle tension and pain.

Use durable, ergonomically designed tools that fit your body size. The higher expenses made at the beginning will pay off in the long run.

It is also important to continue to reward your success with a little ritual and enjoy your green paradise in the natural garden: “You have created something valuable for yourself and the environment with your own hands!” says Katja Batakovic.

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