Zero Training: This workout from Japan burns fat in 5 minutes

Developed by Japanese trainers, Zero Training could be just what you need for your training.

Burning fat is essential for the muscles to look defined and not hide behind the much talked about flaccidity. The problem is that it is easier to gain fat than to lose it, and you train without getting the results you want.

Burn fat for defined muscles

Part of the problem is that you can’t choose exactly where you’re burning fat from when you exercise (we’ve got news: crunches don’t burn belly fat). The body decides for itself where it takes the fat and burns it. That is why it is important to follow a good exercise program along with a balanced diet.

Sure, exercise burns fat, but there are some moves and workouts that do it better than others, and you need to know that to make the best decision for your personal training. (This exercise is better for ripped abs than crunches)

Zero training to burn fat

We know that running burns fat, that walking for minutes can do the same, and that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routines increase your heart rate and metabolism for better results. But the Japanese have another technique that has proven to be very effective, and this is it. zero training.

Zero Training was developed by Tomomi Ishimura, founder of the Body Tone New York yoga studio and author of The Zero Training Method. This method is recommended for beginners to get in shape and for anyone who wants to lose a few kilos. But: It really works for people of all fitness levels. (The best exercise videos to exercise at home)

Exercises to get rid of back pain

What exactly is zero training?

According to Tomomi Ishimura, Zero Training is a form of training that helps to lose weight, fight muscle pain and tone muscles easily and quickly. The author explains that the bad postures that we usually have and the bad habits cause the body to sink and accumulate more and more fat. That is why this exercise is based on performing breathing exercises and stretching, with sessions of only 5 minutes that help correct these problems.


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